Moto X 2015 Shows His Rear with a Strange Hollow… for The Sensor of Fingerprint Fingerprint?

The new Moto X 2015 It must be very close, but it would be difficult to explain the number of leaks that we have this browsing around Motorola in recent weeks, with confirmation by Lenovo CEO.

Today we have seen how two images that supposedly correspond to the rear of the device on the inside, were published by the network showing details as it will be again a construction with non-removable rear and a strange hollow under the camera.

Many are already running the adoption of a fingerprint reader It would use the native Android M support to take advantage of biometric security in online payments or access to the terminal.

It is no surprise that Motorola uses this type of sensors, mostly because the Nexus 6 already was on the verge of implementing it and is now Google who offers direct support the fingerprint reader.

Obviously, and although it is of a very handy position for a fingerprint reader, the truth is that well there might be some other sensor to better the main camera LG style, although this is something that we have not just trust us too.

However, the images do not fit too some leaky views above, especially with photographs showing a back for bamboo without any hollow for the biometric scanner, but would fit perfectly with the placement of the dual LED flash if it were not for the size.