Motorola Xoom 2


Motorola’s 10.1 inch Tablet (25.6 cm) 1280 x 800 pixel represents this more or less is the default current Android tablet, a 76 per cent higher sharpness factor however is the new iPad. The screen of the Xoom 2 showed brilliant colors, has a high contrast and is pleasantly light so that it is readable sunlight despite reflections. Playback is especially for fast image changes in videos and play something out of focus.


You memory card slot of the 32 gigabyte large can be extended memory with microsd cards. Require less storage space, access to the cheaper 16-gigabyte version of the xoom 2. As the operating system comes the older android 3.2 to use for the time being, an update follows the current android 4.0 likely in Q3 2012. Establish wireless connections via wi-fi, UMTS and bluetooth. Apart from a webcam (1.3 megapixel) video telephony, there is a five-megapixel camera for snapshots.

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The motorola offers a micro-HDMI jack for connecting to a TV full-HD resolution doesn’t make the xoom 2 however. Microphone and headphone jack are on board. Mirco USB recharge the xoom 2 and exchange data between tablet and PC. Because there is no USB host, USB sticks or external hard drives on the tablet will not work. Only a charger, a USB cable is included with.

Design and lifestyle


Design is subjective, the COMPUTER comes up with image-lifestyle factor not in the endnote. The xoom 2 reached 3 points out of 5. He calculated design (3/5), handling (3/5) and value (4/5). Overall, the xoom 2 makes a solid impression and fits well in the hand. The rear seated buttons are annoying: Turn to the music, is a reverse of the tablets needed a blind operation almost impossible. The beveled edges on the edge of the device have different diameters, it looks a bit awkward. With 1.3 cm thick, the motorola tablet of as the new ipad (0.9 cm), is not so flat, but with 600 grams, it is a light-weight. Display and housing are very scratch resistant. Thanks to a special coating is the xoom 2 against splash water protected.

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16 tablets tablet PC see user inside is a gigabyte of memory and a dual-core processor by texas instruments with a clock frequency of 1.2 ghz. The on-screen keyboard responds quickly and accurately to input, also the internet browser can be operated quickly and presented all pages in the test. For compute-intensive applications, the xoom 2 is often ground to a halt. The performance shown in the test is the level of the NVIDIA tegra 2 platform are about 20 percent more than at the motorola xoom.


The battery life is not very convincing: Surfing the internet takes no more than four and a half hours, the playback of videos made with the motorola six and a half hours. In normal operation was concluded after ten hours, listening to music with darkened display was less than 42 hours. For comparison: Apple updates ipad on average about 30 percent longer held out.

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Xoom 2 media edition

In addition to the normal version of xoom 2 motorola offers even the more compact version xoom 2 media edition. Main distinguishing feature is the smaller 8.2 inch display and according to manufacturer unique surround sound.

Conclusion: Motorola xoom 2

The motorola xoom 2 is a good tablet, but behind the new ipad with regard to image quality and battery life. The performance and the design, the apple tablet is a class better. The xoom 2 costs less, has many connections, a good web browser and is easily.


Test conclusion: What you should know

The display of the xoom 2 is pleasantly bright, but slightly out of focus – especially for fast image changes in videos and games playback. The motorola offers a HDMI port and a memory card slot. It lies well in the hand and makes a significant impression. The on-screen keyboard respond quickly and accurately to input. But the on / off button and the volume control buttons on the back of the unit require tedious hassle. Also the battery life disappointed: Deadline is after ten hours in normal operation. Best price on the internet: 581,94 euro * per order this product on amazon high brightness UMTS HDMI connection memory card slot counter display slightly out of focus short battery runtime test note of the editorial 2.32 good users rating now evaluate alternative: Samsung galaxy tab 10.1N

The samsung galaxy tab 10.1N is thinner, lighter and has a longer battery life is slightly smoother to operate.