Mountain Hardwear-Phantom 32 Sleeping Bag Reviews

Mountain Hardwear-Phantom 32

Shell: ripstop nylon 15 denier, water-repellent.

Cloth: nylon taffeta 20 denier reinforcement in the foot

Filling: European gray goose down to 85%, FP = 800, 285 g, 312 g. Q-Shield treatment.

Construction: partition arch, shaped hood and compartmentalized into 6 compartments. Combinable, anti-cold flap over zipper, enlarged anatomical shape to toe, Double interior pocket.

Comfort temperature: 3 ° C

Temperature limit of comfort: -2 ° C

Extreme temperature: NC

Weight: 756 g

price: 350 €

Our opinion: when we see the weight, the size, the transparency of the outer fabric and the minimalism of the building with no collar, one wonders about the seriousness of this Phantom 32F / 0 ° C. But reflecting on the master stroke made by the brand with its micro-jacket Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket weight ratio / exceptional heat (a feather of history), we say attention to the surprise. Effectively blowing the fluff 800 cu (no less), and by extension the thermal insulation are just bluffing. Moreover, the benefits of hydrophobic treatment Q-Shield Down are undeniable since moisture morning had no impact on the quality of the down. The perfectly adjusted and the optimum tightening quickly cut make up for the lack of collar previously mentioned. The double inner pocket also has his own usefulness, even if it is not more generous. Only small downside, the set point of the hood a little too far out, making it less accessible than other models tested here. In conclusion, a sharp sleeping bag that could destabilize the least sophisticated by