Muambator is Blocked by the Post Office [Updated]

Some time ago I did an article on a genial Brazilian service for those who make many purchases on the web, called Muambator. It serves to track and warn (using several different media, such as Twitter, email or RSS) when a packet sent by post changes status. It is a truly useful site and came to fill a gap that was not offered by the Brazilian postal service. Or at least it was.
Yesterday some readers TB warned us that Muambator had stopped working. A post on the official blog service explains exactly why: the IP used by Muambator servers was blocked by the post office, preventing it captures the information and actualize packet data service users.

To try to get around blocking the developer Felipe Kellermann, creator of the application packages (using Muambator as its backbone) for iOS warned in his Twitter profile you want to use proxy servers to do the job continue on active duty. Nevertheless, his partner in development and original creator of Muambator Cicero Rolim says in the post that “is not willing to face a cat and mouse game” against the Post.

The blockade seems to have even targeted the Muambator, as other similar services like TwitCorreio and Find Your Package still apparently running smoothly.

Already I contacted the Post press office questioning about blocking. Once you have an answer, this post will be updated.

Upgrade to 16:40 | In a phone call, advice Post Office informed the TB that the problem was passed on to the sectors of technology and also the security of the company. According to them, more time is needed to find out what happened, not ruling out the possibility of a wrong block. A more concrete answer to the problem will be given until Tuesday of next week.

Update at 09:50 of the day 12/05 | Even before receiving an official response from the Post Office, the creator of Cicero Rolim service already said to have evaded the blockade and put back into active service.