Multi Purpose Makeup Products

Did you know that many cosmetics can also be used in a manner different from that to which they are intended? This way you can save money and avoid the vanity case explodes!

Sometimes the beauty case of a woman appears to be ready to the explosion: a thousand pencils, one hundred lipsticks, eye shadows for all tastes, as well as brushes of all shapes and sizes.

In our head all is necessary and indispensable, even if, in fact, we always use the same three tricks and others fall by the wayside.

If you resist the temptation to buy a trick that inspires us is not easy, however, an objection could be in the fact that involves spending money and tricks, especially those of quality, cost.

Yet I really needed that blush … alt! Because this time we do not try to save money?

The same tricks come in handy: there are of the make-up products that can be used in different ways.

So you just spend money and just cosmetic bag overflowing according to themakeupexplorer!

That’s what we’re talking about:

1. The brown eyeshadow

This eye shadow, perfect for creating smokey eyes calamitanti and to give tone to the eye, it can be useful even beyond the eye makeup.

If in fact we possess an opaque, we can use it like dust from contouring and also as fillers for the eyebrows , for ritoccarne shape and rimpolparle.

2. Lipstick

Each of us has at least a lipstick, to have that touch of sensuality or panache in more when needed.

But the lipstick can not only improve the appearance of our lips, but also of our cheeks: just take a little bit with your finger or with a wide brush, then wipe the cheeks.

Obviously, the lipstick should be of a suitable color!

3. The lip balm

The lip balm is that element indispensable to our lips, because the hydrates and makes them healthy: it’s perfect makeup to carry around in your bag.

But it can also be useful for eyebrows: they spend a small amount on them will help us to keep the hairs in order.

4. The mascara

Mascara, black or colored, makes our lashes and calamitanti.

Also we can come to our rescue when we ran the ‘eyeliner: in fact we can pass an angled brush of mascara on the brush and use it to draw a line on our eyelid.

5. The colorful eyeshadow

In our beauty case there may be a large number of eye shadows from different shades that we use to change our eye makeup.

But the colored eye shadows are also perfect to create the nail polishes  just mix them with the clear nail polish.

In that way we will create a unique nail polish!

6. The powder

The powder is one of the essential cosmetics, because opaque and even skin tone.

We use it on the lashes even if it is applied with a brush between coats of mascara and the other increases its volume.