Music Satellite

Make 8 GByte memory under the hood-it seems redundant, as the W960i wants your Flash Player. It’s preparing to have a say in the bustling smart phones. Whether Sony Ericsson since not too much has taken on?

It’s been well over a year, since Sony Ericsson brought with the W950i be first Walkman Smart phone in the shops-with touchscreen and almost 4 GB storage capacity. The new edition offers now twice as much space for your favorite hits. A good prerequisite to steal the show MP3 players such as the iPod nano.

To not scare less musical mobile phone buyer, Sony Ericsson in the W960i has accommodated a lot more: camera, Wi-Fi, Office tools — actually a attractive mixture. However the W960i missed a top position on our leaderboard – among other things, because it is difficult comes into gear when working.

Multimedia: Prima Player

The W960i is meant to entertain its users on the road well. And long-thanks to the 8GByte of large flash memory.

Music player
Around 136 hours of music in ordinary MP3 quality you can store in the W960i. It’s only right and proper that Sony Ericsson abandons a memory extension. An another big plus is the extensive music player.

The sound convincing, the attached headset also. Who still wants to tune, found an equalizer with 11 sound presets in the W960i. According to, you can use also your own headphones, a matching connection exists. And it’s also wireless: this variant is possible via Bluetooth with stereo headset profile.

The player sorts your stored hits, and you can assign each piece of mood and rating points. By ID3 filters the songs can be according to artists, albums, browse titles or personal assessment and song lists put together.

Great proves the W960i as mass storage. Thanks to hi speed USB landed a 65 MB large music album in just 15 seconds from the XP computer on the W960i. Also receiving strong radio with RDS station ID and viewing video clips are fun.

The Walkman phone can also phone photographers. Sony Ericsson has bought a camera the musical companion, the 3.2 megapixel photos shoots. The results are true to color, but lack of sharpness (see the photo gallery for test shots). The W960i digicam in the format turns your own videos 320 x 240 pixels.

Web browser
The good Opera Web browser completes the multimedia equipment. Surfing really brought joy-especially via Wi-Fi in the test. The Web pages built on quickly over the fast data connection, on request also in the landscape. Less fix worked the Internet visit via UMTS, the faster development of HSDPA the W950i is not supported.

Phone And PDA: Mixed Feelings

Nice entertainment and good-in the test must prove a Smartphone like the W960i phone and organizer. The potential that lies in the W960i has not exhausted Sony Ericsson.

Phone features
The W960i is waiting with standard phone functions. It supports GSM tri-band, and can be used in the United States.If you want the overseas flight on the music player to the W960i, you can enable the flight mode.

For video calls, the W960i offers UMTS technology and a matching camera via the touch screen. You can dial numbers directly via mobile phone keypad, touch screen or voice command. Or you draw directly on the thick address book that offers plenty of space for more details per contact.

Also you can create user groups, you can send a message directly. Own ring tones or pictures can not associate themselves to the group. Also modifiable environment profiles do not, that makes the competition better. Also, the alarm does not work if our W960i was turned off – a tiresome topic among the current Sony Ericsson smartphones.

PDA functions
Despite the focus on entertainment, shows off the W960i with a thick Office package.About quick Office you can edit Word and Excel files, even PowerPoint presentations.The W960i also comes with a PDF reader. Contacts, calendar, notes, E-Mails, music and other media files can be matched with the PC using the enclosed software.

However, the data matching is not to fix worked like the direct exchange of music files. 1,000 contacts with multiple entries migrated from our XP (SP2) machine via USB cable leisurely in over four minutes to the W960i. On the USB interface it can not leigen, as already mentioned, the Smartphone supports USB high speed. Via Bluetooth wireless technology, the transfer of address book lasted less than five minutes.

Practice: Wide, Slightly, Lame

December 19, 2007

Despite broad chest, the W960i is pleasantly light in the hand. We would have liked but also more easily elsewhere.
Despite its considerable size 108 x 58 x 17 millimetres, the W960i weighs pleasantly light 121 grams. It proper touch screen offers a high resolution (240 x 320 pixels), and occurs with clean lines and a simple design.

Instruction and user guide
The W960i is driven with an open operating system Symbian 9.1. Sony Ericsson-as also in the P1i-for UIQ 3.entschieden has as the user interface. Menus are clear and upbeat designed the user interface, fast transparent.

Less beautiful: Nearly a minute required our W960i, until it was ready to go after the turn. The phone keys respond accurately and fix on pressure. However, the sluggish reaction bugged the touchscreen – no matter whether we served him with pen or your finger. Faster input the tiny virtual QWERTY keyboard or handwriting recognition work only conditionally. According to Sony Ericsson can users download new firmware, which makes that Smartphone scheller, via the Internet and install on the W960i. The W9670i but still with the slow software are in the store.

On the front page of the W960i, we also miss a navigation button. The lateral dial (jog dial) does not really replace them. Also none of the phone keys can be himself with functions for direct access. Consolation prize: A quick menu can accommodate 15 of your favorite features. Using Task Manager, you can switch between running applications.

Battery and acoustics
The current cell of our W960i a continuous talk at maximum transmitter power lasted just under 3:30 hours, a solid result. Average made the Smartphone in the acoustic test: here there was no easy intelligibility. Both the W960i and fixed the voices sounded unnatural and nuschelig. In hands-free mode, the communication worked while more clearly, but with many interruptions at the intercom.

Conclusion: Sound Yes, Speed No

With the W960i there neatly on the ears. In addition to the large storage and comfortable music player more there plenty – for a better placement, lacks however still something most finishing touches.

Quiet, you can redeem your MP3 player for the W960i. The Walkman phone offers a really good Music player and in the rich for a mobile storage of 8 GB put well over 100 hours of music. This too the W960i with additional functions. So you can use the model as a camera, provides for quick trips to the Internet via Wi-Fi and UMTS, knows many Office functions-and naturally is to make calls.

Only this combination comes at a price. The W960i costs currently around 510 euro without contract. For the money, we would have liked asnappier pace of work and wished a faster responsive touch screen. The lack of changeable environment profiles Another shortcoming, which resulted in point losses in the test and the W960i is a better placement in our leaderboard (stand: December 19, 2007) cost.

Nokie offers two phones with 8 GB memory. That N95 8 GB, our current number one in the cell phone ranking, also functions as a GPS Navigator and shoot photos with 5 megapixel resolution. That N81 8 GB focuses on music and games.