Musical Fidelity M1 PWR in the Test

With the M1 PWR power amplifiers, musical fidelity expands its popular M1 series. Is the new the perfect complement to the streamer stage M1 Clic?

Last year AUDIO-chef Bernhard Rietschel portrayed in his test of the M1 Clic the luxury concerns in the House of musical fidelity: “Antony Michaelson has a problem, the others are likely to envy him: his newest product is so versatile that it is difficult to find a name for it.” There can be more than a normal network player, and a preamp or D/A converters – isn’t it only right even if it features these devices. ” ‘Universal Music controller’ new genus, is heard as the founder of M1 Clic now reasonably applicable, so to speak.”

The uniqueness of this egg-laying wool milk sow led to further whining at a high level: the fanbase now vehemently demanded an appropriate power amplifier in the M1 design. While front panel profile and device height match the M3 series and two M1 devices fit under a full-size chassis, but wanted a minimalist solution many. Anyway: now there’s you, the small Stereo power amplifier named M1 PWR. Mostly the ideal match “square, practically, well”. For their manufacturers who commits just its 30th anniversary, its construction meant complete new country. Because of the mini case identical to the M1 Clic and the CD drive M1 CDT, the efficient Class-D technology pushed up formally.

Musical Fidelity M1 PWR: Development

Also founder Antony Michaelson regarded the use of modern technology as a welcome exercise, to be prepared for the future: “the legislation will be in a few years no more analog amplifier allow us.” His company has taken three attempts until the performance expectations of the creators. Michaelson is quite dogmatic and looks after his own sentiment that what comes back out. Whether that reach can be in some cases with tube, classic transistor construction or switching amplifier, be matter to him.

What was cost, compactness, and cooling requirements, provided the principle of class-D the best arguments. However the passionate musician missing speech in the Stuttgart-based editorial, very informal and downright mischievous and answer stood, when previous solutions the punch in the lower octaves. When selecting the by Texas Instruments purchased Power amplifier modules according to musical fidelity the stability at low impedance played.

For the constructions known popularly as Digital amplifier the load of the connected speaker affects usually more or less strongly on the frequency response at the upper end of the range of hearing, what past left its mark was also on the measurements of the M1 PWR. It is this principle for perfect power output even at low impedances.

Into four ohms, the musical fidelity with 145 Watt corresponds to the ideal of the double power compared to 8 ohms, where at least 75 watts are available almost. A proof of the optimum design of switching power supply, whose Komponenten take almost the entire interior of the amps in fitting. The tiny transformer was relegated behind the front panel and thus keeps the maximum distance to the power amplifier circuits placed directly at the Terminal. Musical Fidelity operation special effort in filtering of the mains voltage, which first goes through a two-stage input filtering and rectification.

Musical Fidelity M1 PWR: Mono and stereo

Despite some tweaks, less any technical details make the charm of M1 PWR off, but her overall approach oriented to the reality and needs of the M1 fans. Who calls his own multitalented M1 Clic, you can combine both the small, fine chain. But a look on the back indicates that so long not the end of the flagpole is still achieved. Switch, you can make a mono-block from the stereo amplifier. But beware. The term “bridges” is not the essence, because in Single channel mode , both channels operate parallel. For the user this means a hearty power shot for power-hungry boxes anyway.

While the ideas go beyond far two M1 amplifier. Whole gaggles of this power dwarfs an amplifier chain can be interconnected via a pair of RCA outputs. Conveniently, the developers have thought trigger inputs and outputs to the remote turn-on of the power amplifiers arsenal appropriate perfectly for hidden installation.

Musical Fidelity M1 PWR: hearing test

The different game types, we just as stylishly as practice-oriented playing through with its “prepress” CLIC in the AUDIO listening room appealed us. Upon returning to the place of their former triumph enjoyed the Clic with the new Musical Fidelity App.

But this time we directed our attention or the equivalent of the ear on the power amplifiers. While number two hot ran – relative to see whats in a highly efficient class D amplifier – number tried one to win the jury itself. With success. The consistency of the sound quality made it difficult to pick out details. The small Englishwoman conveniently renounced any sensationalism.

She failed to also like some of their CO2-balance friendly breed by harsh MIDs and highs or half-heartedly by bass. Its Bottom-End, Michaelson put great value on this, batio looked like in a good class-AB power amplifier and offered relatively good differentiation capacity. With the huge KEF Reference 207/2 produced British mini considerable volumes without ever strained to work.

Not much progresses who airiness and delicate treble resolution as in the AstinTrew looking at 5000, also with two M1 PWR as tandem. For the playing of duets in Mono – and Bi-Amping operation was a track more elegant and samtiger. This makes together with the easy production of high sound pressure levels a rewarding investment M1 upgrade in the long run. Then the class D team is grown even large animals of the boxing world on terrain with nature-friendly outlet. To say it with Prince: “Sexy MF”: the perfect complement to the M1 Clic.


Even if it does not include its compact and stylish design, the M1 PWR can convince. His versatility and his exciting, atmospherically dense sound give the little ones a grand entrance. All added together, even an exceptional position for Michaelsons new plant emerges.