Nail Polish Hand Foot, Vote!

Last year the trend was to wear colors in any case on the finger – and toenails. If one was striking, the other understated shouldn’t according to fashion magazines. Even apart from that trends are really matter I personally, if I don’t like them, the fashion announcement for 2012 is opposed: hands and feet must be painted in a color if stylish women in summer 2012 – in wants to be. What do you like better? Voting interests me your opinion!

I personally handle this so

My feet are almost always in an intense color lacquered red and taupe. I rarely paint the fingernails. If I take an intense color, it fits to either red, I guess same lacquer in same order thickness exactly feet, that is to say, or she finds herself in the clothes. Then I, for example, red feet and fingers in Taupe suitable to the upper part.

I guess sometimes delicate notes of French, where I paint always the whole nail on the fingers. I use bright paints via or even less transparent only when I must paint very quickly or to keep it long so fall Katscher not in the eye. Basically I may suffer from rather more intense color nail polishes.