Nail Polish with Diamond and Gold Come to Cost $250,000

Base made of expensive materials, glazes become a luxury object between the famous willing to pay a high account in manicure.

The enamels industry is big business-a market that moves $768 million. But for some wealthy, well celebrities enamel just isn’t enough. Lucky them, options on the market are already made on the basis of rare materials such as gold and diamonds. The site Racked separated four of these curious treasures.

Rihanna on the Red Carpet
For the Grammys, Rihanna has bet on a gel base 24-carat gold, Red Carpet brand luxury manicure, which costs the DAB of $5000. Luckily, the brand released a version not so precious to the “ordinary people” could buy.

Diamonds Under Consultation
In Dubai, State-of-the-art beauty treatments are everywhere. The spa Cherish … Offers me a luxury apart to their customers. The establishment offers a diamond-based coating, baptized as Iced Manicure. The service, which goes for $51000, is done only upon request of the owner of the spa and your team of Manicurists specialized in technique.

Gold Enamel
Models Own brand offers the product Gold Rush Couture, made of gold leaf. The bottle also worth highlighting – also made in gold and studded with diamonds. Enamel glass costs $130,000.

Black Diamond
The company Gem made headlines when it launched a special glaze made with Black diamonds. Kelly Osbourne was the lucky one to debut new, during the Emmy for 2012. However, not everyone likes the look glamorous, estimated at $250,000, about 500,000 reais. She has been criticised for spending more than the average annual wage of Americans in a single visit to the manicure. In response to the anger of the population, Kelly used your personal page on Twitter to apologize.