Nail Trends

Nowadays, nails have become not only a prop for fashion accessories.Even large international brands show how each season sensations the color of enamel of the moment and the style of nail used.

For women who are involved in the major new nails should know what the current market trends, among these are the textures and finishes that bring a range of colors, with the color of 2018 the shades of blue.Among the brands that bring beyond this color, enamels that promote effects, textures and various finishes such as: Ciaté, Essie, Deborah Lippman, Nails Inc., among others.The Ciaté brand even has an enamel that brings the texture of leather and reptile skin which are one of the current market trends for decorated nails.There is even a line called “Girls” that brings enamel with concrete effect.

The brand Ciaté was also the brand that launched the trend to the world of nail caviar and is an English brand that shows most of these trends cited above. It also brings out the trend of velvet textured nails that is obtained with the application of a fine powder made from the fabric.

Another brand known for its nail polishes that follow the latest trends is Nails Inc from healthknowing. which was created by an English fashion publisher in 1999 and which is also a network of nails bars that offer the manicure service. Today in the company’s portfolio there are enamels that mimic leather texture, concrete and even feather texture.

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A famous brand of trends is the Essie which is one more beloved by enamel lovers. This, unlike the others is an American brand that is known for launching varied and different colors. It is known to have been the choice of famous as Kate Middleton in marriage to Prince William. The brand has nothing less than the catalog with 300 colors and among the trends are the magnetic enamels that have iron microparticles that when approaching a magnet they form drawings that resemble the skin of a reptile. The brand will soon arrive in Brazil, as the brand was bought by L’Oreal. So if you want to adhere to one of these trends pay attention to the main perfumeries of imported products and also with national enamel options that offer many options to renew the weekly manicure.