NAVIGON Europe for Android in the test

NAVIGON collects the most points – thanks to precise guidance and great maps on Android smartphones.

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The NAVIGON app for Android in the Europe version costs 60 Euro. When you buy to the traffic information, the map update “Fresh Maps” and the completely new and very successful public transport public transport support (unfortunately only for a few cities available) via in-app purchase, you can drive the price to well over 100 euros.

But who daily wants to navigate using their Smartphone, for which this investment is worth that NAVIGON is still the Navi-app with the most precise guidance: speak sitting like one, most optimal is one of three calculated routes per route, the map display is a proven mix of design elements, overview and lots of information on the drive.

The clearly designed menus with a wischbaren target menu make it easy the operation of all functions: everything right off the bat is understandable from the point of Facebook connect to the individual design of the route. Only the quality and preparation of the traffic information has still not completely convinced in our tests – there are competitors to the part still front.

Thanks to the map Manager you must play by the way not all 44 countries at once, but only the currently required one – this saves disk space. Special offer get customers of Telekom, which deals with the “select Telekom Edition” a light version can download for free.

You can also navigate fully at least in Germany and via in-app purchase upgrade gradually to the large version.