New Galaxy or, Samsung Could Soon Expand Family

After the hangover of the debut of the new S6 Galaxy edge + and Galaxy Note 5, the rumors about new releases from Samsung begin to occur. On this occasion, the SamMobile portal, the Korean manufacturer, claims to have information exclusively on two new smartphones

According to the source, the terminals have been labeled as SM-G550 and SM-G600, and they could release a new letter in the catalogue of smartphones from Samsung, since they would be under the name comercialziados “Galaxy or”

If we take into account that the same source rightly predicted the launch of the series Galaxy A, E and J, we cannot but pay some attention to this statement. Samsung plans would inaugurate a new family of smartphones, starting with the so-called Galaxy O5 (SM-G550) and Galaxy O7 (SM-G600).

At the moment there is no more information about their possible specs or estimated time to your ad. If true the rumor, Samsung would place no less than six series of smartphones on the market: Galaxy J, Galaxy E, Galaxy, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and these new members or Galaxy.

We will continue to be attentive to everything that happens on this so-called new family of smartphones. If the information is correct, secure that it will not take much to have news about them.