New MacBook Pro: Repair And Upgrade Almost Impossible

The new macbook pro is the most beautiful computer apple has ever built. With these words, the company presented its new notebook on the WWDC in san francisco. Next to the sleek profile of the housing especially the retina display attracted the attention: With a pixel density of 220 pixels per inch, it is the laptop screen with the sharpest presentation at the time. Cost of course one thing: With prices starting from €2,279, the macbook pro is not exactly a bargain. But there is finally also a reliable device, or?

Macbook pro receives the highest rating

It is to be hoped that as the handymen team of ifixit found out now, the meltdown threatens a broken part in the new macbook pro. The high-end notebook is similar to a heavy assimilated fortress. Firstly, to loosen the screws the macbook pro with a special tool. Step by step, then revealed why the note finally one awarded ifixit. Comparison: Devices that are particularly easy to repair, get a ten.

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Glue instead of screws: The battery

Apple new macbook pro has not screwed down the batteries. This time the manufacturer wanted to go obviously safe: All six battery packs are bonded to the casing. According to ifixit, the components only by use of force would have been to remove. If so after some time the batteries lose power, threatens a new acquisition of the whole device in extreme cases. Also unhappy: The cable of the trackpad are located under the battery. Here arises the question whether a repair for a defect at all is possible.

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All-in-one: The display

Replacement rather than repair is also the motto for the retina display. Ifixit according to the screen is a single component includes cable, webcam and the antennas for WLAN and bluetooth connections. Prospective buyers of macbook pros should make so that a screen damage is likely to be a costly affair. Finally, apple must replace not only the panel, but also all the screen used items.

A final decision: The memory

Notebook does good work, but too slow? There, it helps most to expand the memory. The new macbook pro you can save this step: The component apple has soldered firmly on the motherboard. This means: You must purchase choose how much RAM you want to have your macbook pro. A subsequent upgrade is not possible.

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Custom-made: Flash memory

Instead of a hard disk equipped with the new macbooks with SSD memory. The chips come from the house of samsung and are specially adapted to the new notebook series. The ssds from the macbook airs are not even so ifixit with the special store compatible. The special designs are not individually available in trading, there’s currently no way to replace the chips. (dd)