New Trends In Decorative Vinyls

From Vinilando, website of reference in Decorative Vinyls we want to share with all the new trends in decorative vinyls.

New Trends In Decorative Vinyls

Decorating any corner of your home becomes today, in a moment of fun, against what was supposed some time ago when you had to take action or choose fabrics became a morning or late lost weekend.

Currently, the decorative vinyl bet on a change of trend in the decoration, since they give us more options to combine all the styles like: vintage , modern or rustic.

On the walls of our home we can easily install custom and decorative vinyl to customize the environment of the home, it is worth it due to the latest trends of this new and original materialthat is always renewed and is becoming an indispensable materialFor decoration.

Having an empty wall at home seems to make the atmosphere cool in front of the visitors, as the inhabitants of the house are already accustomed to seeing that white wall, but if you think about the visits, it is okay to consider a change of look in The wall, that even makes it more welcoming, and adds a really personal touch, creative and with style.

In the market there is a wide range of possibilities in terms ofdecorative vinyls that from Vinilando we put to your total disposal, to decorate any space and from our company we offer you theadvice that you need to know what kind of decorative and personalized vinyl is the most appropriate.

We propose some ideas, from which you can determine what best fits your home, your favorite corner or your resting place.

Sizes, Phrases, Colors… Everything Is Possible With Our Decorative Vinyls.

Trends mark the difference between a wall decorated in a modern style , and another decorated in a rustic or vintage style. For a modern style, we recommend large decorative wall decals to impact and provide a feeling of depth.

Above all it fits perfectly in places where the wall is completely empty , where a large decorative vinyl, placed between ceiling and wall, will provide a vision of depth and style very different from what is known, and will be the envy of Any creative friends you have.

Another fundamental factor is the set of colors, osea se, the walldecorative vinyl that is installed does not need to be in line with the colors of the room. On the contrary, it can be much more elegant, play with the contrast of colors, or, with a tone of vinyl similar to the one of the wall in case of being painted in colors and not being white.

Vinyls are not only applied to walls, but also to other types of surfaces such as: furniture, glass, doors, and all kinds of items that you want to decorate with style. That’s why there is a diversity ofvinyls personalized with phrases, colors, sizes, … that make your home more cozy and beautiful.

Decorative Vinyls: New Trends

Innovation and creativity are part of home decoration, which even stimulate the creative intelligence of the client, who relies on our ideas and authentic suggestions to transform and give life to your walls and furniture.

At Vinilando, we are a leader in the sector and we are at the forefront in different styles, daring and truly original, so many customers trust us to decorate their home.