New Way to Tie Sneakers


Dear boys so much interested in fashion and respectful of all new trends, read these original ideas. Did you know that the sneakers not only are all the rage, but also must be worn in the right way? In other words it is important to match well the shoes to clothing, but also know how to fasten your fashionable sneakers. Here are some ideas to wear sneakers defined by Justinshoes.

The hidden node

Between the original ideas to wear sneakers, the most requested of all is the idea of the hidden node. Usually you see guys wearing sneakers without laces or ribbons hanging. For those who wonder how to make the hidden node, here are some simple ideas. For starters you put the laces from the first two eyelets at the bottom and we proceed by placing them in a horizontal manner, not at crossing. Finally, got to the last two holes at the top, doing the traditional node, but in the inside of the shoe, under the tongue, so that from the outside you see only horizontal lines.

The knot in the back

This is the newest among the original ideas to wear sneakers. This is to tie your laces around the ankle. First of all the laces, squeezed until the last hole, go crossed, one right and one left and then go take the ankle. There a small double knot will be almost invisible while you may notice only the posh laces tied back.

The node backwards

Here’s a new idea. The knot made in reverse. Just tuck the laces from the last eyelet and take it from there then get in early. In reverse, starting from the top and ending up at the bottom. Got to the last hole, simply put the laces toward the inside and let them turn slightly horizontally so that it does not move. Don’t serve nodes. But to realize this will extract all the laces lacing every time you wear the shoes and put them back again. This, among the original ideas to wear sneakers is certainly not very suitable for those in a hurry.

The central node

You want to have new ideas for fasten your sneakers? This is the one imported directly from the USA. This is the node centered. Already known for many years is the classic knot but is realized on center of sneakers, on the inside of the shoe. Here’s how to proceed. You put the laces to the four ends of the row of eyelets, spilling the four arrows from the four holes placed at the top of the rectangle on which are placed. At this point is where the four flaps in the middle part of the sneakers and there becomes the node. The flaps of the laces can be left exposed or inserted inside the holes were free, becoming invisible.

The node X

Surely the classic is the one that never gets old. And then there’s the oldest of ideas to wear sneakers is still valid, provided, however, that might be a little more original and updated. This is to insert the laces in the old way, forming of crosses that intersect each loops. The originality of this idea lies in the fact that the laces, once the first way upwards, back along the same route in reverse. To achieve this you must leave some lacing holes while threading the laces on the way upward and reserve them when going back. Of course eventually the laces will be inserted inward so they do not snack out. The drawing that is created is truly original!