New Year’s Eve Guide for Men

The Christmas Eve, and this has, hopefully, been an enjoyable and pleasant time. But, now it’s time to look forward to the next big party – Yes, the year’s biggest celebration – new year’s Eve. If you are lucky, then you’ve got some soft packages with delicious new year’s gifts, but most cannot, however, get around having to invest in a little new year’s gifts though. Many young men choose to buy their new year’s gifts on the web.

New Year's Eve Guide for Men

Most people choose to dress a little extraordinary in connection with new year’s Eve, and if one does not have to be a little classy at the year’s last day – when is it necessary? In this blog post the ultimate new year’s Eve guide is offered. Here you will find information on everything from choice of cigar to the choice of clothing. Happy reading.


How to find the right cigar

If you are a young man, then you have probably already had a cigar in your mouth multiple times – and it is for many an established tradition, turning up in a big cigar new year’s Eve. Some are quite wild with cigars, while others must endeavor not to vomit. Some advice to the cigar you must choose is provided.

A good cigar can come in many different sizes, and taste the same. If you are looking for a good cigar, so you may want to look for a new year’s Eve cigar, which are hand-rolled and with a long filler post (rolled of whole tobacco leaves, defined by It is also recommended that the cigar-tobacco must be well seasoned.

You can inquire after it, when you are looking for just the right new year’s cigar, is size and thus also the taste. The size of the cigar has an effect on cigar’s flavor – but to a greater extent, you should maybe choose the size from a temporal perspective. If you already know in advance that you do not like the taste of a cigarette – or that you don’t get long to enjoy the cigar – so it might not be smart to choose the longest and largest cigar you can find. If you’re looking for a power extension boast-thing, then you could instead opt for a larger bottle of champagne.

Now that you have selected some contenders for your new year’s Eve, there are hand-rolled cigarettes, long filler posts and are perfect in size – so you can find just the right, by check (or inquire) about cigar’s rating. It is thus that the cigars on a scale of 0-100 are evaluated, where 100 of course is the best. It can be a good way to assess the cigarerne against each other on. However, you can take advantage of to inquire with your dealer about the cigar he thinks will suit your taste buds and experience.


Fine cigars

As a starting point, there are a great many fine cigars, to choose from – also from countries other than Cuba, which has traditionally been known for their great cigars. The classic Cuban cigars, however, continue to keep a high-quality, for instance, a Cohiba or Montecristo. It is powerful cigars that taste like much – so if you are very touchy, or can’t stand cigars, then they may not be right for you.

The Dominican Republic also make really good cigars, with the flagship Davidoff in charge. According to cigar aficionado Michael Iversen, so these cigars are of true high quality – and they will be also rolled in a very special way. Davidoff cigars lends itself nicely to beginners because they’re making cigars, which are completely mild.


How to find the right champagne

The first stage is over, and you have selected the right new year’s cigar, you want to put a little extra suit in the evening. Now it comes to the second stage, and it is the selection of the champagne. Here reigns a little the same issue as in the above, as there are many who may not like champagne – and others which could never dream of to invest much money in a bottle of Fizz. Regardless of which category you belong to, you can get some inspiration in this section, when it should be about both the cheap and expensive champagne.

In the following you will find your choices based on price.

  • The cheap. Here you will find cheap variants of champagne sold from as low as 20-30 dollars. Products in this category are not really champagne, with sparkling wine instead. Even if you find the cheap variants in this category, you can easily find versions that are very tasty; especially the classic Asti is very popular.
  • The little animal. Next price class contains real champagne from France, and the bottles in the slightly pricier end costs usually 200-500 crowns. The classics in this category is champagne as Moet Chandon, which has got a renaissance thanks to pop music.
  • It is without a doubt the very few who can afford or want to buy a champagne in this category. In this category you will find vintage champagne that costs from 600 dollars up. One of the legendary examples is the champagne that was found aboard the sunken Titanic, which was sold for more than 50000 kroner.

It is clear to you, of course, choose a champagne to suit budget and temperament – but then you may want to choose a champagne that fits your taste buds. Champagne, like wine, varies in taste, from sweet to sour for it to dry. If you are thinking to invest in a more expensive champagne, you should not expect that the champagne is very cute. More expensive champagne is always a bit dry.


Three new year’s drinks with champagne

If neither you nor your customers is the major connoisseurs, so you can actually make really tasty and delicious new year’s drinks with champagne. It is, of course, of course, that you should not use one of the bottles from the Titanic to this sort of thing. Drinks with champagne is ideal as welcome drinks, as they are fresh and tasty.


Vienna morning

1 ½ part gin

1 ½ part grape juice

½ part St. Germain


Shake gin, juice and St. Germain. Pour in a long drink glass and top with champagne.


Tiger Lily Spritzer

½ part juice of passion fruit

3 parts champagne

A little raspberry liqueur

Pour the champagne and juice together in a long drink glass. Top with liqueur.


UN Beso del Año Nuevo

¼ part freshly squeezed lemon

¼ part juice blood orange

½ part syrup

½ part Cointreau

1 part tequila

2 del Cava

Add all ingredients in a shaker – except Cava’en. Add ice cubes and shake thoroughly. Pour your drink up in a champagne glass, and fill with Cava.


How to find the right one

Now that you’ve found the cigar, champagne and new years drink – so it’s time for the most important; it is time to find new year’s clothing. In this section, you can find inspiration for your new years eve outfit. You can among other things become a little wiser on choice of tie, bow tie and shirt.



On the occasion of the new year, many young men want decent outfit– and it involves usually a shirt and bow-tie or tie. A tie can do really much for your outfit, and it is often one of the first things that people notice. The new year also provides the opportunity to experiment a little with the tie, when the year’s last party can also be a little more fun than usual – also in connection with the choice of outfit. That being said, so a tie should, of course, complement your outfit, and not exclusively create contrast to the rest of the clothing.

When you choose your tie and subsequently binds necktie knot, keep in mind that the length of the tie is important. Tip of the tie should, ideally, frame your belt edge. Not more, not less – at the belt edge. Another thing you may be aware of , is the width of your tie. Here narrow tie is offered, since they fit perfectly into a modern and festive look.

When many get a tie in his hand, so hit the panic over what follows; for tying a necktie knot. There are countless necktie knots, from the very simple to the more advanced, and forgotten all about ritzy nodes, and stick to the elegant four-in hand. It is a simple and elegant necktie knot, which sources in all the right places. It is very easy to tie, it is narrow and do not occupy too much. In addition, it is suitable for all kinds of collars. Learn it, remember it and use it.

The elegant four-in hand is easy to tie.

If you are looking for a new tie, these models are available

– Black tie with sleeve clamps

– Black tie with sleeve clamps and braces

– Red tie



If you do not want to tie this year so you must heave butterfly. A butterfly is not only reserved for prom and wedding celebrations, for there have been focusing on a new kind of butterfly. This is the colorful and fun butterfly. The butterfly – and it can bring a breath of fresh air to your clothing.

A butterfly can go with pretty much any kind of outfit – while a tie, on the whole, is reserved for fine attire. A butterfly can be used for both a business suit, a cardigan, shirt and jeans – and what else might wear for the new year. The real cool thing about a butterfly is that it can come in all sorts of colors, patterns and prints, which really kicks again in the new year’s clothing. A butterfly is in many ways a little more festive than a tie, and the signals are often a little more fun to approach to attire. Granted, a tie can also be fun and flashy, but there’s just something very special about a butterfly.

When you need to find just the right butterfly, then apply a bit of the same as in the case of the tie. Your bowtie must complement your clothing – and not just be flashy. There will, however, according to the undersigned, be a little more leeway with a butterfly. Whether it is because a butterfly associated with anything colorful or informally, but it is like a butterfly may be a little more fun than the tie. You can choose a colorful butterfly if you choose a classic white shirt, as it will give a bold and exciting contrast. The butterfly here with anchor or butterfly with leopard print could be a good example of this.



When it comes to choice of shirt, you have infinitely many possibilities – and there will be more all the time. As for the shirt for the new year will most probably choose a more formal version. You can think of your shirt as that piece of clothing, which should give you confidence and style. If you choose just the right shirt that fits snugly and perfectly, so you feel like a boss.

When choosing just the right shirt, one of the first things you should make sure is that the collar is neither too large or too small. A delicious shirt should fit everywhere — even around the neck. In order to find just the right collar size, you can quickly do finger-test; If you can get your index finger between the collar and the neck without great difficulty, so the size is just right.

One of the big mistakes that many men make when choosing a shirt, is that it is too broad, according to programingplease. It looks crazy, and folds around the belt just get your body to look bigger and more clumsy. Choose a shirt that matches the shape that sit comfortably around your chest and back. Most shirts can be found in the ‘slim fit’ – and so it is not only reserved for the male models. It should preferably be such that the rows of little besides your wrist when the sleeves are buttoned up.


Find your clothing here

Now you’ve got a handle on both clothes, cigarettes, drinks and champagne – so one last helping hand. New year offer is provided, where you can buy the shirt, tie and bow tie with great saving. Many cool outfits for the new year are offered.