Nexus One and Their Prices

After a few days away I was today trying to recover my technological pace and made the following proposition: would buy a Nexus One immediately, the price that out. At the price that would be? Good to make a proposal of this type can be dangerous.

Many still don’t understand the small number of countries (and we say reduced by be wise) in which the powerhouse of Google It has been on sale. But it is nothing strange, the Nexus One serves as an excuse to reflect on the strange Mobile releases today. I can hardly remember a global launch, we have lived through everything, and by almost all brands: phones that are announced for a date and are delayed, whose stock is suspiciously low, phones phones that come out little by little in certain countries & #8230;

And don’t talk about phones “ niche ”, targeting countries in particular but “ champions ” who want to conquer the world but they appear little by little creating expectations, I want and what has been called “ hype & #8221;, stir and feeling of exclusivity by who “ get ” one, because they think that’s the feeling, anyone with money can buy a phone but “ get it ” already is something else. And that’s where you come in action the “ parallel ” which may be more or less close, friends relatives legit, importers or exporters from the country of origin from here.

We are not going to enter into a detailed analysis of motivations or casuistics, of laws or taxes, guarantees or no guarantees, we are left with the numbers that they do not stop being curious and then each manage their money and their desires, we speak of the Nexus One but surely we could make it to the iPhone, the Milestoneor the N900.

Except errors or omissions the Nexus One free is sold for $529, which are about 386 euros to change today located 1.37 dollars per euro. Theoretically, that is what it would cost to our cousin who’s honeymoon in the United States unless a local tax to escape us. If we do a quick walk on the web can find an importer who sells it for 489 euros more from United States shipping and always random luck at customs. If we go through some online stores in Spain we can find it in a couple of places by some forceful 699 euros plus postage.

We can complicate all this as we want, buy it to playing with our IP and a fictitious address in the United States, prices for all tastes.

Let us not remain in the story of the Nexus One, think of this frenzied price system which we have built with phones abroad, permanence, portability, points and feints, a jungle.