Nexus One, First Impressions on Engadget

The most important phone in recent weeks has passed through the hands of Engadget, and it is that our colleague Javier Penalva has been testing the expected Nexus One. We will share with you his impressions of the device and a video of it running.

On the basis of which the Google Nexus One It is an excellent terminal, since thus the main specialized media, value it we are also with Perhaps the best terminal that has made HTC. Contact Javier does more than give value to this position, as well as tell us some interesting details first-hand.

The first thing that draws the attention of the device is the quality of materials and the thinness of its size, very comfortable only conditioned by the AMOLED screen of 3.7 inches, great both for quality and response.

Another remarkable detail, but it will be more valued in daily use, is the double microphone which has to carry out the external noise cancellation When we speak, and it is that we have to remember that we we have a mobile phone. Comment on the response of the touch buttons under the screen seems pretty good.

We have been playing around with the operating system Android version 2.1, highlighting the global searches every corner of the contents of your phone, and the Search by voice, Although it is now in English, it works really fast taking into account makes the query in the network.

Also noteworthy the integration of the main services on the network, the same is true with contacts and social networks on the agenda. The image gallery in the terminal, has improved enough in its visual appearance and functionality, in the video you can see what I mean I.

There has not been time to do a real test of battery (1400 mAh), but apparently we are with an autonomy similar to that we can find in a HTC Hero or terminals like, taking into account that we have in hands a larger screen and a rather more powerful equipment.

Javier speaks to us of the camera 5 megapixels, it has especially like the quality of the samples in good light conditions, something normal in this type of cameras that fear the darkness, at least has LED flash.

A detail that we are aware, is that the terminal It is not multitouch in Google applications itself, and so we can check it in your web browser, Google maps or galleries. Let us hope that this detail is resolved with his official arrival in Spain. But it is clear that the system and hardware if they are multi-touch.

You can go by Engadget to see a gallery of images of the terminal and original prints.