Nike+ Sportwatch GPS Review

You have to make about Nike which, with the combination of iPod and Nike +, led the running on a level where it joins the race to music and entertainment. The Nike + SportWatch GPS is one step further. In fact, pursuing its logic of usability and fun, enters the market of GPS for running in its own way and with a high level partners: Tom Tom.

Nike+ Sportwatch GPS Review

Aesthetics and usability

On an aesthetic level, design is certainly original, innovative and enjoyable. There is none, the wrist is fine and can be used–due to its compact size–in everyday life but with an important feature: When you wear it you are immediately recognized as a runner. Responsive keys, ease of use and zero setup time make the sports watch suitable for any user, even the less evolved via Insidewatch.
The strap, with the integrated USB plug, allows the connection to your computer easy and without any additional cables accessories (there is an extension to also use it on PC that does not have the USB ports immediately reachable).

In short … Configured the first time to the computer (automatically downloads firmware updates), you wear it and go. Even if you are wearing the Nike + foot pod, you can start to run even without the Terminal has engaged the satellites: awesome!

The display is large and easy to read. Too bad you can only see two values at a time, which can be useful because it allows you to concentrate only on fundamental data and run! This truth is marginal because you can set the display of the different values in the running (pace, pace, distance, time, average lap) in a loop that runs continuously in the secondary area of the display.

The duration of illumination is not configurable and lasts just long enough to read the data. To turn it on just make a “double tap” on the display. Easy and immediate.


The main features are Nike style: Basic, easy and essential. Just like the Nike + app, even in this SportWatch, everything is easy to use and has no function that can lead to confusion. In short, it is made to run in them, not to play it. If you want the list, we’re talking about: peace, peace, peace, average distance, automatic lap (configurable from configuration), intervals.

Once you have finished your workout just connect the Terminal to the USB port of your PC (or MAC) and the data will be automatically synchronized with your Nike + profile. Nothing could be easier.

As mentioned, the SportWatch you can set your interval workout, but you cannot set different types of training (but this is a common feature to all its competitors).


One of the strengths of this Nike + SportWatch GPS signal handling is.Developed in collaboration with TomTom, is faster than the Garmin Forerunner 210 tried earlier in the signal acquisition. This section truly deserves the highest marks, nothing to add.

Heart rate monitor

If TomTom is the point of reference for GPS, Polar is for cardiofrequenzimentri.Hence you can buy separately the heart, created by Polar for Nike + accessories. Nothing to say in this section in terms of functionality, the only drawback is the uniqueness of the accessories. In fact, the transmission protocol that is used by Nike is owner and not the popular ANT +.


Surely this Nike + SportWatch is a Chrono-cardio-gps. Is suitable for most runners who love to ride, compete and have a recognizable style and “cool”. Definitely upscale, if the play with all the terminals in its market segment. Personally I love the fact that it is waterproof 50 m (you can use it even in the pool) and its design. The price is fair and aligned with the market.

Rating: 8

  • Design
  • GPS Reception
  • Ergonomics and usability
  • Ease of use
  • Waterproof 50 m
  • Not compatible with ANT + accessories
  • Non-configurable lighting duration