Nvr Compatible with Ip Camera of Various Brands

Over time the technology for Network Video Recorder or NVR has been evolving a lot, the newest features presented by some manufacturers is the compatibility with the leading brands of security cameras in the electronic security market.

NVR Compatible with IP Camera of Various Brands

Some NVR manufacturers have been working on their products to connect to the largest number of brands and security cameras since it is the most sought after feature by consumer buyers, which technician does not look for a product that fits with cameras we never hear speak.

Planet has launched a new product that the NVR that is compatible with the most marketed brands, Intelbras and Giga Security Group also has such equipment are the three most sought after manufacturers for this type of recorder and technology used in electronic security.

But we now have in the electronic security market the ONVIF communication protocol that causes the IP camera manufacturers to enter the ONVIF security standard if the NVR recorder you chose does not have such features switch to one you have because most manufacturers are Adhering to the ONVIF protocol we will go a little further on such protocol.

What is ONVIF protocol?

ONVIF is a standard for physical security that is open to all that guarantees interoperability, independent of the manufacturer. Initially focused on video, ONVIF is being extended to other areas of physical security, including access control.