Nvr Does Not Detect and Does Not View Network Ip Camera

Hello, how can you notice this subject has already been discussed in other CCTV Forum but we believe it was not very clear so we CCTV Guide we give some tips on the subject and try to explain why this happens with NVR.

NVR Does Not Detect and Does Not View Network IP Camera

First Tip – This can happen when the camera does not have a good communication protocol so we now have ONVIF to lessen these problems, or it may be that the NVR firmware is not compatible with the security camera brand from a2zcamerablog.com.

Second Tip – We have to check the camera’s cabling and network configuration to make sure it is not network address error, we can test the individual cable components after the camera and lastly the NVR.

Third Tip – We also have to check if the manufacturer of the security camera offers firmware updates of the same it can help to solve these types of problem, we can test the camera with a PING between camera and computer and to test the NVR we can do a PING Between NVR and computer.

If the tests are successful you do not have to because the NVR does not recognize the network cameras unless the security camera is not compatible with the NVR recorder.

If the problem persists RESET if NVR for the factory settings and try to set it again from scratch with redoubled attention.