Old Makeup: A Hidden Danger

Who has never committed the crime of guarding that shadow that he had gained from his aunt who went to Paraguay? You almost never wear it, but she’s beautiful and can play outside …

Have more pity on your eyes and your skin. Overdue makeup can be very harmful to health. Like all industrialized products, shadows, mascara, lipstick and blush have expiration dates.

Dermatologist Roseli Andrade, a specialist at the Brazilian Society of Dermatology,  explains that using products more than five years from the date of manufacture can cause irritations and allergies, such as dermatitis, from contact with the components of the products. In addition, mascara and old shadows can cause fungal contamination, leading to skin diseases and even the eyeball.

“Makeup is a delicate product and its biggest enemies are heat, light and moisture,” says the whitehallmakeup.com.

When buying a makeup, you must first of all be attentive to your skin type. If the skin is dry, you can buy products with moisturizers and if it is oily, you should avoid mixtures that accentuate this feature.

Shelf life

“The period of validity of the makeup in Brazil is a maximum of three years. This period of validity is due to two factors: our climate is hot and the products can suffer the consequences of heat. And the other is part of the thought of encouraging consumption. With the short shelf life things become quickly disposable and the consumer should repurchase. A compact powder that has about 10 years of validity in France, here has a maximum of three. The lipsticks are based on waxes, beeswax, carnauba (tree), ozokerite (mineral), which with the passage of time can only generate an olfactory discomfort. But it is worth mentioning that in products with appeals such as: sun protection, anti-signs among others, the shelf life is the only way to guarantee the efficiency of the product, “says Roseli.

One way to see if your makeup has ever won is any change in the color, consistency and smell of the product. Does that shadow you love seem weaker? Throw the case away. Your skin deserves better.

Another decisive factor at the time of purchase is the origin of makeup. Pigments that give color to the product may contain minerals and substances that cause allergies and pigmentations on the skin. Take care for girls who wear contact lenses: lenses should always be clean. A residue of makeup on the lens, if scratched, can hurt the eye. At the slightest sign of discomfort, remove the lenses and clean them.