Ombre Hair: Steps and Result

Hi Hi guys, how are you doing? For those who do not accompany me on instagram (follow did not see that I made a change in my hair, hahaha. Okay, not quite a transformation but it was a changed huh? Well, I went with the idea of making the California Wicks BUT coming to the Salon my hairdresser told me that there’s a new method of doing the Ombre Hair and who is magnificent and much better than the Californian (in my case). Well, I did the ombre and A-M-E-r! Got a baph and the way I wanted to. I will explain and show you the methods and maybe encourage someone there I longed to do but I was scared. Oh, it’s a technique that can be made of very soft or as strong as was mine, besides being in fashion is timeless and it super in any occasion. All the celebs are getting this method and really looks great. Before that, look at how my hair was before and how it was then, a difference right?

1- The first step is to separate a lock of his hair and pass the product making movements with your hands, this technique is important because it busts the paint in your hair while she concentrated on a section of hair and beyond that is the technique to leave it natural.

2- After you take the foil put it in the lock of hair and spend some more of the product giving more spread.

3- You wrap the foil in his hair and let him Act.

4- After you finish these first three steps in your hair, let the product Act in a kind of thermal blanket to the ink reacts faster.

After all these steps, you only pass the toner at in your hair so he doesn’t get yellow and give that beautiful color we like. I’ll post on fan page (follow the blog here) the video I did the steps above for you to understand better. It’s not that hard to do, but it takes work and need help of a professional so that it looks the way we want right?

Now see how you got the result after dry and wrapped with that device new from BabyLiss you do everything yourself and let the wonderful curls.

Now I have my eye on products to keep the color and moisturizing, because unfortunately the hair is well dry and needs care. In addition to the products expensive, I am researching and testing some more common to the day to day and then I promise to come over here and give the tips for you. But if you have any questions or some cool idea than using or if you’ve already done the ombre I I would love to know!