Omega Speedmaster Price Development

You can discuss whether and what watches are a good investment, long. And exactly what is happening in various forums. The opinions differ widely: the one hold none of this. Others rely completely on vintage watches. In turn others on discontinued Rolex models, buy it new, for a few years einmotten, to sell it at some point as no longer produced “rarity” in new condition with profit.

I myself can only say of my vintage watches that so far in the value is increased. Especially Omega Watches have proven to be as a good investment for me. And it is no matter whether it is a quite cheap Omega Seamaster quartz, a Speedmaster Mark II or Speedmaster mark is

4.5. They all achieve considerably higher prices than even a few years ago. (More about it also here investment: vintage watches-better than any savings or shares? and Affordable vintage watches for beginners ))

The Moon is the limit?-Prices of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

Only I have bought so far new an Omega. A classic watch reviewed on the Omega Speedmaster professional “Moonwatch”.The clock, which was on the moon-with hand-wound (such as the original Moonwatch), hesalite Crystal, steel floor and stainless steel (REF. 3570.50.00, calibre 1861). The clock had to be simple. And after I could purchase them now before about 10 years at a good price for a jeweler, I was allowed to see how the price of this Omega legend regularly increased. Again and again, I stopped at shop Windows to see how the prices once again had increased. And that is not too close.

Thus it remains “The prices for the Omega Speedmaster has risen mightily” but not with the vague statement, I did myself because, to investigate the non-binding price recommendations of in recent years.For this I’ve browsed-so it just went well-the Internet, old catalogs and magazines. My research is unfortunately not complete (the one I’m missing or other year-I so appreciate every note)-and of course no guarantee. The graphic below gives but a very good impression, as the price of the Moonwatch has evolved in recent years:

To make it short: the EIA is in the last years of 2,180 euros (2003) until today to 4,300 euros increased (2015/16)-has thus almost doubled.

Those who would like to watch, will find in this Wikipedia entry on the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch some prizes-and of course more interesting information.

One wonders now, of course, how much the price of these watches can rise? What are buyers willing to pay? Now, in addition to the Moonwatch, there are some more speed master models in the Omega range.And the prices of these models, such as the Omega Speedmaster dark or Grey Side of the Moon, there are between 9,000 and 10,000 euros. And these watches are quite obviously bought. Compared to the classic Moonwatch has become as a kind of entry level in the Speedmaster world with its 4,300 euros… The Moon seems to be so in fact the limit.

Omega Speedmaster as investment-are forbidden?

It is worth so today to buy a Speedmaster to sell them in 10 or more years at a tidy profit. I personally don’t like this idea. For one, it means that you can-don’t wear the clock because she should ideally remain in mint condition. On the other hand are 4,300 euros for a “physical investment”, which don’t really enjoy, pretty much.

My tip is so still, to put on vintage watches. You can wear them easily and they are always a good investment. You can get the Moonwatch used-as a very rough rule of thumb-to half the new price. On ebay prices from 2,200 to 2,500 euros for which are currently Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch  (ebay affiliate link) quite realistic. This can change at any time, because prices in the second-hand watches. And of course it’s always on the vintage and many more factors: A vintage Speedmaster from the year of the moon landing (1969) and before that costs far more than one from the 2000s. Also makes a price difference in what condition is the “speedy”, which works (caliber 321 and 861, 1861) inside strikes, whether an original steel band, the papers and the box there are etc.

But, in any case, it should be a Speedmaster manual winding, Plexiglas (Hesalit) with a steel floor-because only this model can be described as “Moonwatch” in good conscience. It comes the by Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin on the Moon and Neil Armstrong in the space capsule left behind Speedmaster model (caliber 321, reference 145.012) from the 60s to the next.

Who wants to look directly for these and other speed master models:

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