On {x}: Automation App From Microsoft For Android

On his Bing blog, Microsoft announced the new service on {X} as a beta. This is an application for android smartphones. With the app you cause your android to act according to predefined rules in certain situations. The decision microsoft is surprising, for the first time to test the applications on android devices. The technology blog techcrunch has to do so by the program director shira vineyard information: Android thus due to its open operating system many advantages in developing a beta application. An implementation for windows, however, is 8, and windows phone considered.
Youtube video: On {X} automate your life (english)

Functions on {x}

Eleven different so-called recipes (recipes) available are available in the current beta stage (as at 8 june 2012). Including find car mechanisms as chic my wife am I on the road, when I leave work, remember when I’m at home, to buy milk or remember every day, if it should rain first unlock my cell phone that I have to take a screen. Your own recipes or rules can also create despite assistance of on {X} teams are java-(programmier-)kentnisse but beneficial.

Microsoft on {X}: The app at a glance

5 functions data will use the application on your smartphone
other applications send data from your mobile phone to a server, which assumes the processing and transmits the data back on your device in the connection. This is not the case with on {X}. Here, the processing takes place exclusively on your smartphone. Unless you want a connection to the internet, for example, due to a weather query. This approach provides two advantages: To the one keep your data on your mobile phone and the you are other basically regardless of an internet connection. After the information microsoft’s on {X} consumes app in addition very little power.

Rhetoric and reality: The largest smartphone lies

Subscribe via facebook account post-installation on {X} you must login with your facebook account, so also on the homepage of on {X}. According to the developers, this is only the protection of the user to avoid changing your preferences by unauthorized persons. Other ways to log in to the service, are being planned. When using any automatic posts are made on your facebook profile. You have however like the possibility, for example, rules about the post function on facebook.

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51 mobile phones the most important new devices similar applications there is already at google play, these include: Tasker and juicedefender. The beta version of on {X} is available in english as a download in the U.S. Google play market. (sk)