One Piece Swimsuit Opinion

Appeared in the years sixty on the beaches of St. Tropez, topless seems today endangered. Women are less seduced and become aware of the dangers of this practice, fashion changes and the swimsuit one-piece is back in stores. And you, what do you think of this phenomenon?

Do or do not do topless, opinions are divided: some women do not hide their nice breasts on the beach and refuse brands of swimsuit under a low-cut dress. For others, show off their breasts in public, it’s out of the question!

«I’m totally against. “It’s a lack of respect for oneself and for others” explains Sophie, 34. ” Unless you have a very beautiful chest, I don’t think it’s beautiful.” In addition, exposing his chest to the Sun is dangerous for health. Why take unnecessary risks? ».

For Laetitia, 27 years the topless, it is occasionally only depending on the circumstances: ” If I’m alone or just when my boyfriend or a friend in a discreet place, but yes to avoid the brands of swimsuit and feel more free. But if I find myself on a beach crowded with friends, this is no direct».

For other women, wearing a bikini as recommended by, at the beach top is total incomprehension. ” All white in the middle of a tanned, body breasts it’s not elegant ,” says Marie, 41. ” And then, it feels so much better and more comfortable without bikini top».

And what do you think? Do you practice topless at the beach or on the contrary, are you shocked by this practice? Give us your opinion.