Oysho Art Meets Fashion

You would never have believed only a year ago that Alice in Wonderland, the story that you told as children, would literally attacked the world of fashion conditioning it in all its forms? Yet it is so, its modern version, the one read back by the brilliant Tim Burton, who has sold out to the movies, has influenced fashion and design causing them to decline the themes and characters of “Alice in Wonderland” in every possible head d’ clothing, jewelry, and even the make up while the most famous fashion magazines in the world offering publishing of editorial inspired by the story written by Lewis Carroll.

From today, the underwear will not be spared. Oysho, the men’s shirts brand offering underwear low cute and bubbly cost suits teenagers as well as young women, has just launched the line “Alice in wonderland-cup of tea with my friends” delicious pajamas, T-shirts vezzose but also delicate and romantic underwear in general, all strictly declined in shades of light gray and white. the key issue is obviously represented by the famous blonde girl and the fantastic friends portraits as well as had them imagined Walt Disney in the realization of his beloved cartoon still now created more than half a century ago, in 1951, in sketches in pencil.

An absolutely adorable collection, not to be missed if you have accepted the “Alice” phenomenon with passion and with joy and if you love to immerse yourself in fairy tales and empathize. Who knows, maybe in a dream and the other might even meet you the white rabbit.