P8 Smartphone Huawei

Huawei shows the P8, a thin Smartphone in metal housing with 5.2-inch display and Android 5. The camera has an optical stabilizer and should make ordinary photos as in bad light. In addition, there is the variant P8 max 6.8 inches.

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei has unveiled the Android Smartphone P8 with powerful camera, 5.2-inch display and top class facilities. The camera takes 13-MP photos and has a supposedly high-performance

optical stabilizer (OIS); He will can compensate for camera shake up to 1.2 degrees compared to 0.6 degrees in the iPhone 6 plus. The Flash works Adaptive color.

A notably low noise sensor Huawei not established clearly, but instead emphasizes a performance image processor. The sensor to can deal with high contrast, however good. A directly visible advantage of the camera: You don’t protrudes from the casing, but adds plan in only 6.4 mm thick metal body. The camera software comes with special functions such as long term exposure and a Director mode for video recordings, where one sees the live video of three P8 connected via Wi-Fi at the same time and cuts like on a Director Panel to a movie together.

The display will show full HD (444 dpi) in IPS technology with 5.2 inches diagonal. 3 GB of main memory, an eight-core processor are installed (HiSilicon Kirin 930 with four 2 GHz and four 1.5 GHz cores, all 64-bit-capable) and 16 GB memory; as LTE (150 MBit/s, all German frequencies), Wi-Fi (11b / g / n, not a, not ac), 4.1 Bluetooth and a micro SD slot for up to 128 GByte cards. The battery contains 2680 mAh, is built-in and should hold particularly long thanks to some cryptographic. The P8 weighing 144 grams and is protected against splashing water.

In Themotorcyclers, the P8 smartphone in a grey and a champagne-colored variant is to arrive in may for 500 euros on the market. Black and gold versions with 64 GB memory are for 600 euros your Germany start is foreseen, but still uncertain. As an accessory, there should be a cover with a 4.3 inch large E-Ink display that constantly displays information without for fried much battery power.

Huawei showed P8 max Additionally with 6.8 inches FullHD display. 4360 mAh powerful battery for 15 hours should keep alive the Giants when the video shows or surfing. 6.8 mm the max would be thinner than Samsung’s touch 4 or iPhone 6 plus.