Swimwear Trends Summer 2013

The main fashion shows have presented the 2013 summer trends such as the Fashion Rio and São Paulo Fashion Week. In terms of swimwear, many new features through the catwalks and revealed that the season will have delicate items, stylish and modern. Continue reading

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Fishing On The High Rocks

The ledgering is practiced fishing vertically by a fisherman on a higher plane to the sea, in the high rock, cliffs, headlands, break-seas. The line in relation to the plane of the water forms an angle of 80°. The surfcasting, which is at the same level of water (the line forms an angle of 20º in relation to the water line). The main difference lies mainly in the collection of fish vertically and horizontally, it is much easier to catch a fish horizontally than vertically, so it is advisable to have some specific equipment for the removal of fish in the high The nylon’s own resistance is different when dipped in water and out of it.
The reeds should be between 4.50 and 5.60 meters in length, of two, three parts or telescopic, taking into account the physical conditions of the fisherman. Continue reading

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6 Casual Shoes for Men

It is very common to the Brazilian man return to tennis during the summer, believing that the shoes are too heavy for this time, but in fact many casual models in addition to lavish style, are pleasant enough to use in the days of heat, especially if you invest in sockless (wear them without Socks) or opt for invisible socks that leave the outside by increasing the cooling of the body because it may not seem like much, but the use of this type of resource, as well as that smart trouser bar folded – makes a lot of difference when the thermometers hit the top. Continue reading

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Evening Dresses For Women

Find out more about dress fashion for pregnant women.

Getting pregnant is not synonymous with losing social life, but many women end up locking themselves at home and leaving very little as the pregnancy gets more advanced. Not because you do not feel like going out or you do not feel ready, but because of self-esteem problems and simply because you have nothing to wear. Continue reading

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James Bond a Success New Model of Sunglasses

Two seconds were enough for James Bond emplacasse a Sunglass model, at least among readers of the Male Canal. As soon as the trailer of 007 Against Spectre had been released and had six emails asking about the origin of the piece. Continue reading

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Tips For Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Marriage is a true dream for some people, and it is not uncommon for brides, in particular, plan a thousand times every detail that will compose this long-awaited day. When we talk about them, brides, we soon come tomind the beautiful white dress, fit for a Princess, but we must not forget one very important point:to Princess deserves your glass slipper!That’s right, the bride’s shoe! Continue reading

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Why Do All Weather Women Wear This Dress?

When two stars have the same dress on the same day, is even blasphemed. Now dozens weather presenters in the US television have worn the same outfit – what happened?

“Who wore it better?” – who is it better? This game enjoys the tabloids with stars who run in the same or similar outfits on the red carpet. TV Meteorologinnen from the United States have now lifted the dress question in a new dimension. Continue reading

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Samsung Mobile Phone and Free Tablet Second

Do you remember the galactically good Samsung deal in June? Buy mobile phone and get tablet? Did you miss the special? Then you should take care now. The action goes into the second round, with bundled power for fans. It wakes again a Galaxy Tab 4 free, if you buy a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge. But that is not all. Learn more about the Samsung Fan Bundle here. Continue reading

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4G Is Increasingly Popular in Brazil, But Still Behind the Unbeatable 3G

The time may be a time of crisis, but even so people are not switching from smartphones to newer models, many of them equipped with 4G technology. Proof of this is that, according to a report made by the Brazilian Telecommunications Association (Telebrasil), the number of connections to the fourth generation networks here in Brazil in the last two months registered the incredible growth of 120%, which corresponds to 67 million Accesses. Continue reading

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Men’s Bracelets of Beads

After the leather bracelets and the nautical bracelets men’s accounts appear to be the latest bet of men as add-on to your look. But hold on, don’t throw your old accessories, high model may well be coordinated with the old parts to give an “up” in visual. Continue reading

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Smartphone Edition

The new year has begun and our smartphone is always there, as it should be. Every day, we carry our mobile phone around with us and we constantly hang with one eye on the display. Maybe we should change this in 2017. Then everything will be different, right?

Resolutions about resolutions. Next year, we want to do more sports, to look after our loved ones more often and to relax more. The fewest people do what they have done. And whether you believe it or not: Especially on the topic of smartphone people put themselves on a whole series of good intentions. We’ve put together the best for you. Here is our top 5 of the good resolutions for the new year 2017: Smartphone-Edition. Continue reading

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Zenfone Selfie You Update with Some Improvements

Keep up with all the updates from Asus for the range Zenfone is virtually impossible because so many phones but especially considering the huge number of update that the company releases for its range of Android devices. Asus has in fact proven to support very well the line Zenfone and although you often talk of new distribution Android, firmware correctives are practically weekly. Today is the turn of ZenFone Selfie, last in the series that has gone to V _20151024 and sees the following changelog: Continue reading

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Pop Star Miley Cyrus Loves Sunglasses

If you have the custom of following the releases and trends in eyewear, you know that the pop star world is a true fashion thermometer. We all stay attentive to the looks of the stars and stars. And there is no way to talk in pop star without remembering accessories such as sunglasses. Continue reading

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The LED Lighting

The led or led lighting…

Reward of a Nobel in 2014 for their inventors, the led (light-emitting diode) or LED in English is the novelty lighting. This novelty has been transposed in practically all our bulbs which allows us to use it practically anywhere!

Its applications are many and varied: in the candlesticks, the suspended, the mini-suspended, ceiling lights, semi-plafonniers, murals, outdoor lamps, the recessed Interior, the recessed outdoor, landscape lighting, a RAID in the bulbs of type “vintage” and he has certainly revolutionized commercial presentation and exhibition lighting. Continue reading

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20 Ways to Combine a Cardigan Sweater

Cardigan sweaters are a faithful girls super garment that we like to dress up casual looks since practically we can combine with any type of pants, shirt, dress, short and footwear.

This year it aims completely to these sweaters marked a trend and that is why today you want to give a few good options to combine yours as a whole a fashion expert.

Get your tennis to contrast with the opposite color of your cardigan. This girl applied that technique perfectly doing black-red. Another example could be: purple fuerte-amarillo, powerful blue – green.

With a break and loot.

With a hip and tied blouse front pants. A look to go to Starbucks with your friends.

The cardigans will always be the ideal partner of the leggings. To give more style to your look use a hat of this type.

If you like the style leather leggings, here another option.

This style of sweater will motivate you to finally go out with that skater skirt that you’ve never known how to use to not feel as “uncovered”.

With strapless bodice, it’s simple. To your hair with this style look, you can get a bun or ponytail.

If you have a presentation at school, or labour board but you don’t want to see you ‘extremely formal’, follow this example.

Using a basis of neutral colors (black and white) in the basic garments (shirt, pants, shoes) you can have the freedom to choose the colour you want Cardigan absolutely. No matter if it is orange, lime green, etc… And super well combined will be.

With stockings under short shorts. I loved this style.

If you want to use a belt to add points, sash across the street and let this noticeable and combine with the color of the cardigan.

Fajar front also helps a lot if you’re a plus size girl. If you use desfajada shirt, you could see even smaller.

For those cold days.

A rockstar look.
For those girls who need to work but don’t want to wear a blazer and look just as elegant.

Beige, grey and olive green.

If it is too cold, you can use the cardigan under a leather jacket.

One of the most used, but that it will never be fashionable.

The detail of hair pulled to one side + big clock and well painted nails is phenomenal. It gives a pretty cute vintage look.

Perfect for a weekend that you do not want to cause you much. Don’t forget to talk to them and Aviator sunglasses.


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Rock Stars Saw Bracelets

If during a concert of Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett break one of your guitar strings she won’t be in the trash, steel wire will be transformed into a bracelet sold via the internet, whose profits will be reverted to a charity the choice of artist. In the list of participants of this initiative appear several names such as Brian May (Queen), Carlos Santana, Adam Levine (Brown 5), Ben Harper, Eric Clapton, Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), James Hetfield (Metallica), Joan Jett, Steve Vai, Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Willie Nelson, Avril Lavine and Ziggy Marley. Continue reading

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Service Station LED Lighting

Installation of LED lighting in a service station. Costs and amortization

In a service station or standard petrol station we can find a lot of lighting depending on the stay where they are installed. To be a business with continued and long hours, the cost in lighting is high. Say the case of a station with a shop, small, two bathrooms one officiates small (woman and gentleman), exhibitors or illuminated display cabinets and washing of cars and a porch. Continue reading

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Rugged External Hard Drive

The LaCie rugged USB-C there’s 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB up to lush 4 TB disk space. We looked at the version with 2 TB in the test-Otto-normal users more than adequate. Continue reading

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New Victorinox Has Paracord Bracelet

Paracord is a rope made by Swedish Naimakka with multifio high-strength nylon, which served as raw material for the creation of the new model bracelet I.N.O. X, the icon of watchmaking of Victorinox, considered the toughest watch in the world. Continue reading

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