LINE Also Wants to Be Snapchat with Publications That Expire and Video Calls with Effects

We are in the year 2016 and that is apparently synonymous with that all applications want to a lesser or greater extent be Snapchat. We have already seen it on the side of Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, and from the East they do not want to be less as we have seen in the case of Egg LINE.

LINE is updated to version 6.8.0 in Android and features two very typical snapchateras: publications in the Timeline (the mini integrated social network) that expire automatically and the real time effects in the camera. Continue reading

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Google Allo Interprets and Responds to Messages of Voice

Now that Duo we have among us, we only need let us with the other messaging application that Google promised us in the last Google I/O: Google Allo. This application not yet available, Although we have already heard several things about it: incognito mode and self-destructing messages, erase history, stickers, encryption…

The main point in which Allo will try to differentiate themselves from other messaging or WhatsApp Messenger application is included the wizard: a “bot” know-it-all from Google that is involved in the conversation to answer almost any question you throw him. Until now we knew that you could talk to the wizard through private message or by mentioning it in a conversation, but now we know something more: can also send you a voice clip. Continue reading

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Facebook Messenger Is Testing a Way of Saving of Data

Facebook is always trying something new in one of your applications, and is now the turn of Facebook Messenger, which is showing some users a new option for save data during the talks.

Novelty not too surprising as it goes on the line mode data present in Google Chrome, the same Android or without leaving home, instagram, and more or less in the main application Facebook and more Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite. Continue reading

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How to Read Messages on Whatsapp without Which The Issuer Knows That You Read Them

Since the beginning of humanity human beings dreamed of living forever… and read WhatsApp messages without the other person becomes aware. The first thing what still have descent, but in terms of WhatsApp messages there are several methods that you can use to read messages as a real ninja.

WhatsApp began being somewhat ambiguous regarding the status of sent messages. He had a tick for sent messages and a mysterious double tick that some believed meant that he had read, and others who simply had been received. Then came the double blue check to end the doubts. If it appears, you have read, if not, not. Continue reading

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Flychat Tea Brings Chat Bubbles to WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE and More

Facebook Messenger is an application that or you love or hate, but regardless of that admittedly has some other good ideas. My favorite are the chat bubbles, a system whereby notifications of new messages are displayed in floating bubbles that you can expand and use to reply to messages while you’re in another application.

Several applications have borrowed this idea, as it is the case of Chromer or Link Bubble, but Department of other messaging application no one has dared to include a similar function. There it enters Flychat, an application for grant floating functions Messaging applications. Continue reading

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Six Functions of Allo That Facebook Messenger Probably Copied Very Soon

Google Allo takes already one week with us and it has garnered more than one million downloads. It is not much to come where it comes, although it is not little. The application is still very green, that is undeniable, although it must be recognized that it has some other good ideas including.

The problem – or not-good ideas is that frequently comes another and copy them yourself, blurring the motives by which someone should use your application if the other already had done the same. Facebook is somewhat an expert in this, with examples ranging from the launch of Google + the inspiration of Snapchat in Messenger and Instagram. The next victim could be Google Allo. Continue reading

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Google Allo Passed The Barrier of 5 Million Downloads in One Week

History repeats itself. Once Google Duo to succeed 5 million downloads a week of being released, ahora toca le Google Allo repeat the script while he wears the new logo of more than five million downloads in Google Play.

Google Allo officially became Google Play September 23 and took not more than two days to pass the million. Following the Google Duo pattern we can predict that in three weeks it will reach ten million downloads. Continue reading

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3.12 Telegram Takes Borrowed Several WhatsApp Features: Editor of Masks, GIF, Emojis…

In its early days Telegram had few or no qualms in making a nearly perfect copy of WhatsApp with some twist. After the initial push and the relative passivity of WhatsApp to include improvements, the apprentice seemed to have passed the master and arguably that was WhatsApp which was more inspired by Telegram, and not the other way around.

Not in vain, in 2014, Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram published an article in Medium called the best way to predict WhatsApp features. I’ll save the reading, which on the other hand is quite interesting because it made predictions that you can check if is cumpieron or not, but the main idea was that WhatsApp couldn’t stop copying -late, that if – what is proved that it worked in Telegram. Continue reading

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13.0 Hangouts with Chrome Custom Tabs and Lots of Emotes to Flip Tables as Never

We don’t have clear what game is playing Google with Hangouts, as the latest updates as little have made us raise an eyebrow. Remember that only visible Hangouts 12 novelty was the possibility of sending shruggies via a text command.

Now history repeats itself, and is that addition to include support for the Chrome Custom Tabs -that it was time, the truth-the last major Hangouts update continues on the same path to allow you to send text expressions, emotes, or whatever you want them call. In total 20 new emotes, and it is never enough. Continue reading

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Allo and Duo Could Be Integrated in The Future

Two of Google’s year, Allo, and Duo communication applications, are now available for download. One simplifies video calling and the other makes use of the Google Wizard for enhance your conversations with the “mind” of Google.

However, something wrong with the whole thing. Google Duo does not allow you to send any kind of message text your contacts, and Google Allo does not allow you to make calls or video calls. The most logical thing is that both applications integrate in some way as Facebook does with Facebook Messenger, but such integration to our confusion was not present at the launch. Could it be that we see it later. Continue reading

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Get Ready to Start Receiving Invitations from Messages of Spam as The Allo

With the arrival of Allo, we noticed a mysterious event: could talk with a select friends list without having the application installed. The system did not work very well, but in some cases your friends receiving messages in a window from which you can answer and install Allo.

Now we know a little more about the technology behind. His name is App Preview Messaging and is a new invention that Google has taken the sleeve conveniently in time for your new messaging application. Its use is now also open to other applications Messaging, so you can already get the idea that you could start receiving this type of ads more often than you would like to. Continue reading

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Allo Is The Best Messaging Application to Speak Only

Do you ever happened that you greatly bored and? None of your friends has responded to your messages? You’ve opened WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger and you’ve made scroll up and down, entered conversations old, boring to say enough? That is because there are applications that are just good for nothing if your friends do not collaborate, not as Allo.

Allo is here (well, more or less, because it just does not appear in Google Play for everyone) and you are probably wondering if it will be overcome to WhatsApp in the future. I personally have my doubts, but don’t worry, there is one thing that Allo is superior to WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, LINE and company: mode ‘single player’ or the ability to entertain yourself chatting without who chat. Continue reading

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A Journey through The History of The Samsung Galaxy S

The family of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S the Samsung Galaxy S4 has become all a sign of identity for Samsung, who after selling more than 100 million devices of the series the newest member of the family, will present tomorrow.

This model is really promising, but instead of focusing on it – thing we do in live coverage and analysis that we are preparing – we wanted to make a review to the models that have made this series what is now, with a tour of its main features.

Specifications of different models of the Samsung Galaxy S family Continue reading

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Another Vulnerability in The Software of The Samsung Galaxy Note II Could Allow Access to The Browser without Authorization

As misfortune never comes alone software vulnerabilities are multiplied to Samsung, and that if last week we saw a bug that could allow access to applications from the lock screen, today is another security issue that jumps to the fore.

Again the blame has it the Emergency Contacts menu, ICE for its acronym in English, which in collaboration with the window pop-up browser may cause a misuse of this.

This time will it take to reproduce the bug that you have activated the news of lock screen widget and, allegedly, access with safety PIN. Continue reading

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Filtered The Lenovo S920 and S820, Two Low Cost Smartphones

Lenovo has been news today for another quite different reason, and is that the purchase of Blackberry has eclipsed any other news concerning the Chinese manufacturer.

However, the rumors are running two new devices, the Lenovo S920, Lenovo S820, both with good specifications, low price and Android in its interior, thus expected to wait to see how events unfold. Continue reading

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Xiaomi Wants to Reach 15 Million Smartphones Sold This Year

Today we have seen that Samsung has finally managed to conquer an as capricious as the Chinese market, although those results sales of less well-known brands did not have in mind as Xiaomi, However told by successes all their releases.

The superiority shown by Xiaomi, Oppo and other similar marks when it comes to launch terminal from large specifications at very attractive prices is well known, not in vain, the own Xiaomi has managed to exhaust units within a few hours of all their smartphones offered for sale. Continue reading

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Sony Already Prepared The Landing of The Xperia Xperia L and SP

Sony surprised the last Mobile World Congress not introducing any new smartphone that accompany to the Xperia Z in the range. However, leaks of new devices have occurred since then, and it seems that the landing of the is very close to early 2013 after the Z Xperia.

We spoke in particular of the Xperia SP, alias HuaShan and which will come to the middle range, and the Xperia L, TaoShan alias and which will complete the range of input. Filtration is born from a British retailer, which also unveiled the price that will have two devices. Continue reading

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Samsung Finally Conquers Chinese Market

Samsung is now a giant in the mobile phone market, not in vain all analysts have gone coincide in pointing this out as the leading manufacturer of smartphones worldwide up to the point of being able to sell 500 phones per minute in the last quarter of 2012.

However, some more capricious markets such as the Chinese were had been resisting you, situation that seems to have managed to reverse after advertise that they have placed more than 30 million smartphones in the world’s most populous country. Continue reading

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Samsung GT-I9502, The First Serious Filtration for Samsung Galaxy S4

We have just taken in having the first important filtration around the presentation of Samsung Galaxy S4, and it is that we are so close that is logical that, as always, go out details ahead of official information.

This time have been images on a Chinese forum for a new Samsung smartphone that will be aimed at the high-end and which responds to the GT-I9502 code, which as we know is reserved for the Galaxy S. coding With this, obviously relate to the new S4 Galaxy is forced. Continue reading

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