Palm Smartphone

Palm introduced a new equipment comes to enrich the range of ultra fine PCs available in the market. The Foleo weighs just over a pound and a half, has a 10-inch screen, runs Linux and is designed to allow users of smartphones to see your emails and documents in a wide-screen and keyboard equipment more generous.

The equipment uses flash memory and bluethooth technology to connect to a smartphone with Windows Mobile or Palm OS and do email and contacts synchronization. Outside the agenda notes that the equipment for the moment does not synchronize.

the Foleo has a battery life around the 5 hours and will begin to be sold in the United States for $499, a price that already includes a discount of $100 against the price table.

Palm acknowledges that the equipment is designed to work in coordination with a low price cell phone and admits limitations in terms of video quality. Stresses furthermore that, even so, it is possible to access to the Internet that will be conducted by Opera browser installed there. This Internet connection is ensured via Wi-Fi.

The targets of the new product, which for its limitations already deserved some criticism, are intensive users of email through wireless connections. The Palm is convinced that users and businessmen will be available to pay about $500 and have available equipment on the road allow read your electronic mail and work on some documents, eliminating the conventional laptop.

Ultra portable PC market, where several manufacturers are betting, is still in a very early phase of your development, with a generation of products already in stores and a second that begins now to be marketed. So it’s a market segment weighs only 1,5% in total sales of laptops in American retailing.

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