Party Dresses Inspiration

Need ideas for party dresses to send to a seamstress. Separated 30 templates for you inspiration and copy now!

Party season is open! I knew that from November to March, the number of invitation for weddings and graduations increases considerably. The problem is that many invitations require different dresses. And not always can you invest so much money on clothes that we took a few times a year the wardrobe.

Besides being a little cheaper when we party dresses we have the advantage of knowing that that model is unique and exclusive to us, and we’re not going to take the risk of having that “coincidence fashion” and come up with the same dress as another sponsor or senior. I like the idea of wearing something that is my face, expresses my personality.

But for that, there’s no way around it: you need to find a reliable seamstress and a model that you love! So, I separated 30 beautiful, delicate party dresses and that, because they are not elaborate any definitely waaaay seamstress with more experience will know how to do and won’t even charge so expensive. Take a look at for maternity summer dresses!

Unsurprisingly the metallic parts are high. What few people know is that in party dresses that trend is also released. To set, combine jewelry and delicate shoes and discreet. Balance is everything!

With Neckline Shoulder to Shoulder
If you make the line more sensual, loves a cleavage and breasts capable of sustaining the weight of the dress, not only can as bet in party dresses with shoulder-to-shoulder neckline. Have your seamstress let the dress glued to the body in the regions of the waist and hips and, to make the look harmonious, monochrome, fabrics prefer without any pattern.

As Strategic Cutouts
Small cutouts on the waist and abdomen are perfect for those who want a modern party dress without showing too much. Easy to copy, your seamstress won’t have work to replicate this model and you will have a beautiful dress, cool and modern. If the cracks are too much for you, no problem! Just get a straight or dress with a slit more discreet, just above the knee.

One Shoulder Only
If you want to show the lap, but doesn’t feel safe to bet on a strapless and doesn’t want to spend the night pulling your party dress up, the perfect option are the models of a shoulder. Classics, they lengthen the silhouette, draw attention to the neck and shoulders and do not need much to make a simple dress in a stylish and super feminine.

Slip Dress
Striking trend in 2016, the dress that mimics a sweater is sexy and a lot of personality. Typically, they have a lighter trim and lace details. To close the look, place a jump up high and accessories. Extreme sensuality.

With Long Sleeve
Is a mistake to think that sends accomplished is synonymous with cool. Those who prefer to hide your arms, even in summer, you can bet on long-sleeved model telling a dress with lots of lace and embroidery. Looks great.

If the invitation is for a graduation, or you’ve been invited to a wedding, but not as godmother, a good alternative is the short party dresses. With pedrarias, rent or transparencies, they look great and take production that more serious footprint.

Of Dance
Will be godmother and prefer something more dramatic? How about the prom dresses, like those well-armed, the biggest Princess style? They seem difficult to get, but the construction process is the same. All you need is metres of fabrics and a simple model, which your seamstress can copy without problems.

For Pregnant Women
Who says pregnant women cannot wear dresses beautiful and stylish party? The trick is to bet on fluids and more crisp, I don’t set too much, nor be rotated. The secret is always looking for models outlining its curves, including the belly.

My Choices
When it comes to long party dress, I love vary. With a shirt of lace superimposed, embroidered skirt or a dry mango accomplished, like abuse of strong colors, which highlight my skin tone.

And what of those party dresses you’ll want to call your?