Pearl Earrings

Finally new forms in terms of earrings!

The designer Sophie Bille Brahe gives a modern avant-garde garment traditional precious materials and released the classic Pearl Earrings from their dusty image. Who knows it not, the image of the “girl with a Pearl Earring”-a classic from Jan Vermeer dating back to 1665. But we want us decorate only with old classics, be an image of something that everyone has seen thousands ever?

These new forms of Copenhagen designer who studied at the Royal College of art in London, before she-opened her Studio in Copenhagen-back in 2011 are all the more refreshing.There manufactured all their pieces of jewellery crafted from the finest materials. Now she has presented its 5th collection and for the first time works with organic forms like the earrings with pearls.

Elipse lounge & ellipse ellipse simple earrings-Akoya pearl, 14kt gold, and here at iTypeUSA you can get more different models and styles.

The beads remind Sophie moon. Not by chance the pearl earrings are Crescent. Despite the soft organic shapes of Pearl Jewelry radiate a linear geometry. In her pearls collection, the Designer combines skillfully the feminine element with a tough minimalist geometry.

Are worn the earrings an absolute eye-catcher… see for yourself!

I love the most but the shades of the colors in which the pearls shimmer. What do you mean?

Trois Lune earring & Lulu Pearl Earring & Petit Pearl Earrings-Akoya pearl, 14kt gold

Ellipse Deux earrings-Akoya pearl, 14kt gold & Elipse Blanc earring-South Seas Pearl, 14kt gold

Croissant de Pearl Earrings-Akoya pearl, 14kt gold

Elipse Gris earring & Elipse Nuit earring – Tahiti Pearl, 14kt gold

Lulu Blanc earrings-Akoya pearl, 14kt gold

You Always Though Pearl Earrings Are In Use? NO WAY…

Finally we see new kinds of earrings!

The jewelry designer Sophie Bille Brahe enwraps lolli traditional material in a modern avant garde look and free the classical pearl earring from their mouldy image. Who doesn’t know the classic painting of the girl with the pearl earrings painted by Vermeer in 1665? But do we really want to decorate ourselves.†with classic jewelry, being a copy of something that has been Lakes of many times before for ages?

The more I love the fresh shapes of the Copenhagen born Designer, who studied at the Royal Collage of Art in London, before going back to her hometown and starting her own collection in 2011. In her studio all pieces get manufactured by hand out of precious materials. In the meantime she launched her 5th collection and works the first time extensively with organic shapes.

The pearls remind Sophie of the moon. Not by chance were the pearl earrings created in a half moon shape. Even using soft organic forms the jewelry looks straight-lined and geometric.The designer connects skillfully the feminine element with a tough minimalistic geometry.

But most of all I love the different shades of the pearls. What about you?