On Rommanel, You Will Find A Selection Of Earrings And Necklaces For The Big Day

We always keep good memories of that best friend, who is with us in the most special dates! And wouldn’t it be different with the jewel used on their wedding day, isn’t it? After all, the big day deserves a play chosen with great care.

One of the more traditional options for brides are the pearls. On Rommanel, you will find a special selection of this piece, with earrings and necklaces. The coolest is that the jewels are versatile and match brides of different styles, from classic and romantic to modern. IE: you can adapt the Pearl to your choice way of dress, including the day of the wedding! Here at Smber you can get more different models and styles.

Also Pearls On The Dress
The classic style is a Joker in choosing the dress. In addition to using the pearls as accessories, it is possible to innovate and put their applications on the tail or trunk of the dress. The trend works on both daytime weddings, as nocturnal, and is superelegante.

Best Friend Of The Bride
The truth is that pearls are the best friends of the bride. So, when choosing your jewelry, look for Rommanel. You will find everything to do with your style and your wedding!