Pebble Time: Smart Watch Back on Kickstarter

As expected Pebble a new version of the Smart watch presented on Tuesday, the time of Pebble. The company will return to its roots for the implementation and opts for the Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, to the project finance to.
Which applied for $500,000 campaign financed successfully within shortest time:good 15,000 supported have pledged more than $3 million.

Pebble time:Colorful and with new software

A color E-paper display on the clock represents a completely new interface has the time of Pebble. This so-called “timeline interface” is a chronological representation of different information that should accompany the user through the day. It includes among other things E-mail, calendar, alarm clock, and apps. The system should be accessible for developers so that additional information can be easily integrated.
Another optical innovation: the time of Pebble is thinner than its predecessor and is then still 9.5 millimeters thick. The watch itself is in a plastic housing with stainless steel frame, the display is protected by scratch-resistant Gorilla glass.

Pebble time:Lots of new – and much old

Redesigned Pebble also has the app menu of the time of Pebble. But, despite extensive changes to the system, all existing Pebble apps with the new clock remain compatible.
Pebble adheres also to other concepts of the first clock: the time of Pebble is waterproof, runs with a charged battery up to seven days, the display is switched on around the clock. Also continues to be the new Pebble compatible with Android and iOS and has a vibrating alert is controlled with four buttons on the sides.

Pebble time:Price and availability

Despite the start via Kickstarter, the Pebble time according to the description of the project is almost finished. She delivered is expected in may 2015, three colors are available. Cost is $199 the Pebble time. In limited quantities, the clock can about Kickstarter be Рordered at a reduced early bird price for delivery to Germany an additional $10 and fees for customs apply.  (dom)