Pebble Watch Phones

The project the Pebble is a legend in the world of microfinance group. He managed to gather a little time sum of 10.3 million dollars (the goal was $ 100,000 but collected for two hours), which makes it the most successful product campaign ever held in the popular Kickstarter. Smart watches supporters were produced and delivered, and Pebble continued development of the free market. Currently Pebble sold (even sold out for days) in major commercial networks (and going on-line versions of them). So Pebble managed to sell 400,000 (Includes 85,000 Kickstarter Edition) units, and in the period from October 2013. until June 2014. He had a 18% share of all sales of smart watches in the USA.

Pebble was the favorite of consumers in 2013. It is still quite popular (participate in a duopoly in the US, where Samsung had 78%) and continue May we will manage to fight the world’s largest manufacturers, who increasingly populate the niche. This is due to the simplicity of operation, convenience, long battery life, waterproof construction, the rich opportunities for notifications, frequent updates and more AppStore best the Pebble (the Google Play Developer and the iTunes / iOS, according to this article).

Pebble Steel was presented at the beginning of the year and quickly became a success. It was a stylish and high-quality metal packaging for useful plastic (plus silicone rubber) pet the Pebble. Pebble products are distributed online and in shops but prosperous company has the warm friendship with an giant Best Buy, which first started selling Pebble year ago. Therefore Pebble Steel will be offered with little promotion Best Buy. He will be available (online and in traditional stores) on June 15 reduced to $ 229 price. Will offer both known variants of stainless steel and black mat, but the catch is that the strap in the box will be only one – the leather (black). So far Pebble Steel comes standard with leather and metal straps (chains) the selected color. At Best Buy metal chains (again stainless steel and matte black) will be available as a separate accessory. On the official website price remains $ 249. Novelty at Best Buy is also offering the original Pebble, but with new color – Artic Whit, who has so far only offered exclusively in Target.

One of the attractive features of the Pebble e possibility of changing the straps. For the original Pebble possible replacement with a wide range of standard straps that you can find anywhere. In Pebble Steel situation is a bit more specific, but solutions may be found. The original leather and metal straps of metal clock are not very suitable for meeting water and fluids. Therefore silicone proposal SHANK (Richard Tracy Brand) may seem interesting to consumers who want to protect their original straps with heavier wetting. This waterproof strap offers soft silicone material, variable length, “current” stainless steel otverchitsa and colors. The price is only 24.99 USD (abroad) and offer you can see here or Amazon’s. Video leash you can view below this sentence.

Cool wide straps original Pebble can be found on this page of Richard Tracy Brand. There are leather and silicone option, possible colors are pretty. The price is still $24.99.

For the moment, Pebble and Pebble Steel is a recommended choice for smart companion, if you have already decided to purchase. In regular promotions things get even more enjoyable. Do not think so native customs, to come up with many more additional costs if you decide to order a Pebble by any Western country.