Personalized Jewelry as a Gift for Christmas

This week, too, our jewelery of the week is again marked by the upcoming Christmas festival.After all, I promised you that I would show you a great gift idea every week.And this necklace has absolute addiction potential, so I just have to introduce it to you.The highlight is an amulet, which you can decorate with your own message.

Necklace with amulet of Lesvar

This necklace stands out in many ways. The focus is on an amulet that you can forgive with your own words and desires. The text in the picture is addressed to your own mama. But you can choose for yourself what is standing there and to whom you give it. This can also be a message for the best friend, the great neighbor or the best grandma in the world. It is also suitable for children, because you can choose how long the necklace should be.
A nice detail, which is still the crown, is a small silver heart, which watches like a charm beside the amulet.

Individual jewelery: silver necklace with amulet

This chain is thus something like a very individual happiness-maker.The silver ball chain is easy to carry and combine.It is made of nickelfree metal, so it is also skin-friendly.My tip: Give the chain as a lucky charm to a dear person, the extra portion of happiness and encouragement just needed.