Petit Bateau Baby Boy Clothes

It is now! We can start with purchases Petit Bateau for spring summer 2013. Here is the catalog with bib shorts, t-shirts and tank tops for young and old. In the year of its 120 year anniversary!

Vintage colors and shades promises the new spring-summer 2013 Petit Bateau.

Made from light fabrics and elegant, this new roundup of precious clothes from the French taste, accompanying adults and children together in style Bateau, till the summer!

For the summer of 2013, the year of its 120th anniversary, Petit Bateau has created a collection inspired by the early years of the French brand.

Timeless style in blue and white striped already, the t-shirts and shirts are reinvented for the occasion with the enrichment of sequins, silk screens and original prints from the archives of Petit Bateau. The cuts, however, are surprisingly modern.

For children, the collection is called Bleu de Travail containing heads in shades of blue, with polka dots, stripes and checks.

For girls, the prospect is more colorful with the introduction of Orange and yellow.

The collection teen-ager, instead, is strictly only nautical-style blue-white-red.

In addition, the great brand in the world of “children’s clothing signed one would expect in a large number of shops throughout the country.