Philips Wake Up Light

March 18 was not only a day marking the first presence of the Chichi among us week or the first week of horror to the Japan after the earthquake… March 18 was also the 11th day of sleep.

I am sure that you must tell you that at this moment, sleep must be something very disrupted right now but as I am not a sleeper and breastfeeding hormones that I am able to sleep very quickly, finally, for the moment, it’s going. Then he must say that I do everything to make my night as pleasant as possible.

The bed of my fuss is glued to mine and I breastfeed him lying down at night…Especially should not be that I have to get up!

Sleep, is one thing, but the awakening is another, especially when we have to wake the doudoux at 7:00 in the morning since it has moved.

For a while, TiBiscuit us play to have a revival. He assured us that with an alarm clock, he would wake up easily, him even, instead of finishing his night on the couch every morning.

Then, one day, we got the wake-up light of Philips, a simulator of dawn or sunset.

I admit that Mr Réglisse and I wanted to keep it to ourselves, but TiBiscuit asked to have it for him in his room… and we left him. And really hard, I was hoping that withwake-up light, its revivals would be easier because I had tired to wear every morning in the living room and then having to shake it so that it opens the eyes.

The first 2 mornings, he actually woke him even to the sound of birds chirping, light enough not to awaken him actually.

Since he traded the little birds chirping on the radio because TiBiscuit wanted to wake up to music like MOM and dad, moreover we can put his own music with a USB key (and TiBiscuit wants to wake up with of M Pokora…), on the other hand, it doesn’t wake him same. But without a doubt, wake-up light gently awakens him.

More grunt in the morning, more than “I’m hiding under the duvet to finish my night,” no TiBiscuit wakes up at the first Petting in the back, down only the staircase, no need to wear and eyes are immediately open. No doubt, since TiBiscuit was the wake-up light as alarm clock, he wakes a lot more easily and in a better mood that before, this is no doubt. And me, makes me life.