Plus Size Model Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday, the plus size model that conquered the fashion world

Hi girls, how’s it going?

You know Tess Holiday? I confess I didn’t know until recently. In my research on plus size clothes, I came across a picture of the North American model of 30 years, full of curves, fat, cellulite, stretch marks, and tattoos. She posed wearing underwear and caught my attention. In his speech, that look, overflowed with attitude. Tess Holliday is a plus size model of attitude.

Tess has been subject of several renowned publications around the world: People, Times Magazine, Daily Mail, CNN and Marie Claire, among others. Recently, she signed a contract with one of the largest modeling agencies in the United Kingdom, the Milk Management. More than a body that is in tune with the established standard of beauty, the plus size model and exposes his ideas. With this, Tess reaps followers (more than 600 1000 on Instagram and more than 800 1000 on Facebook) and attacks of all kinds. But this is not the intimidating.

Tess claims she wants to challenge the perception of society when it comes to beauty: “there is no one way to be a beautiful woman. All deserve a place. Its size is not an indicator of health. In addition, it is not I who will say to women to lose weight or what to do with their bodies. We are constantly borbardeadas with the information that the real key to happiness is limited to the size you wear. What we need is more people saying that it’s okay to accept your body the way it is “.

The plus size model does not only reviews the standard of beauty, but the industry of thinness also. For her “the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar business trying to sell unattainable body standards. They rely on the fact that millions of women (and men on will buy their products in hopes of uncovering some secret power to be the partner of your dreams, drive a luxury car and have perfectly white teeth. Don’t judge a fat because you don’t know if he shoots himself in the gym or just eat crap “. She’s right.

Very if complains that the plus size models don’t represent women who actually wear large sizes. Right here on this blog and on our Facebook page says a lot about this. Models like Tess Holliday begin to break this paradigm.It’s people like her that help the world out of sameness. Thanks, Tess!

Soon I will bring more news from the world of plus size fashion for you.