Portable MP3 Player

Philips has just launched on the domestic market the JackRabbit, a new external CD-ReWritable drive that can also function as a portable music player in digital format. This Dutch company CD Rewriter can work via FireWire IEEE 1394 technology standard developed by Apple or the standard Universal Serial Bus (USB) 1.1 being compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Interconnection technology IEEE 1394 FireWire enables broadband high-speed connection of a peripheral to the computer, ensuring high data transfer rates in reading or writing. In terms of speed, writes the 4 x, 8 x and 12 x (CD-R), rewrites the 2 x, 4 x and 8 x (CD-RW), read the 36 and plays directly from CD music in MP3 digital format.

in addition to being able to write, read and rewrite data and music CDs, the JackRabbit incorporates a feature that resembles a portable digital music player, since it can function without being connected to a PC. Equipped with a grounding type plug the headphones, it also contains a trackball to control the volume and tracks.

Another of the features of this new CD-RW is a software that guides you, helping you to install the device and modify computer settings in order to obtain better performance. The appliance comes with the Easy CD Creator software for Windows or Toaster for Mac, as well as the programmes TBW (Thermo Balanced Writting) for recording of high quality and Seamless Link to eliminate buffer underrun sequences. The JackRabbit’s recommended price for MP3 player is EUR 323.72, with VAT included, according to Computerannals.

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