Portable Type and Size of the Backpack

There are several steps to consider when buying a laptop computer bag. Please be aware that the laptop inside his backpack should be as comfortable as possible and should be completely wrapped. The measures to be considered are:

  • the internal ones
  • those used for carrying your laptop compartment, which can be expressed:
    • in centimeters
    • in inches
  • overall external communications

The laptop backpacks are usually classified according to the internal dimensions, that is, according to what extent the compartment used for carrying your laptop, in inches relative to the diagonal measurement of the screen of your computer. The external dimensions of the backpacks are so obviously different than the inner ones.

There are backpacks and cases for notebook specially designed for mac laptops, as these, despite the standard dimensions in inches, have different measurements in cm from personal laptops.

The standard dimensions for personal laptops range from 10 inches to 17 inches, with some intermediate measures as 12.1 or 12.2 or 14.3 inches, etc.

In some models the inner compartment for your laptop can be adjusted by adding or omitting accessories created specially so that the same backpack can accommodate such as once our laptop by 12 inches and the next time our portable 15 inches.

Often some of these measures, as it has a wide screen display, do not correspond to those standardized in centimeters, so backpacks and cases may not be compatible looking only to inch screen as a measurement. That is why many laptop manufacturers, like Sony Vaio, put on the market, special backpacks for their notebooks, as is the case for the Mac.

The advice is to always carry your laptop before you buy a backpack for it, unless you buy the notebook, to actually test the adaptability of our laptop backpack.