Portal: Flexible 6-Inch Smart Watch & Smart Phone

Indiegogo Crowdfunding platform is currently running the project portal, with the manufacturer Arubixs the Smart phone and Smart watch market will turn. Reason:Companies are not innovative enough, a new killer product must be made – the portal, a smart watch, smart phone and fitness Tracker in one device.
Arubixs wants to build a flexible 6-inch display that can be used as well as mobile as a clock – matching bracelets for the giant display supplied. On top of that, the portal is also waterproof up to ten meters and be completely unbreakable, can measure the heart rate and also have all sorts of technical refinements on board.
Two variants of the portal there will be later once the cheaper version of the sport and a more elaborate version of the Executive. A 4-inch version is planned. 2 GByte are memory, 64 GB of internal memory, a total of four cameras and a 3,200 of mAh capacity battery in addition a multi-core CPU. Under a highly customized interface should run Android.

October 24, Arubixs on Indiegogo wants to collect$ 300,000, it has reached over 10 percent of them. For less than $400, supporters will receive a portal until September 2015.

CHIP online says:

The Crowdfunding campaign for the portal is a pretty dubious impression. Completely apart from the meaningfulness and use a 6-inch Smart watch project with flamboyant – and also fairly inaccurate – information inspired little confidence. Overall, the portal seems to be currently more vision than actual product. Waiting in a year with all the advertised features, is very ambitious.  (dom)