Prada Fashion Jewelry

Prada completes its autumn winter 2012-2013 with the new line of jewelry designed to make glamorous and sought every winter look. The new collection back to enhance resin parts that have dominated the spring summer 2012 line, and especially the earrings, but there are crystals and gemstones as well as colored in the winter collection, alongside the reptile prints so fond of the big designers in ‘ last period. We look at the collection.

Crystals sparkling are the heart of the autumn winter 2012-2013 Prada, a collection that offers necklaces complemented by stones ruby with brass and zinc alloy base and logo imprinted on the closure with snap mechanism. The model can be found at the price of 970 Euros in the store and on the official website. Equally characteristic is the necklace with different colored stones alternating ruby crystals, a model to be completed pending final, perfect to complete the most elegant and sophisticated outfits (at the price of 1250 €). See 3rjewelry for cufflinks.

The line of pins is just as fabulous and as you can see in our photo gallery, proposes patterns formed by double circle of crystals in different sizes around a central stone in emerald green or ruby red version (350 euro, 320 euro model with single circle crystals), but Prada again proposes its resin inserts for all seasons. We find them both on the pins, brooches with crystals lilac and pink central Painted Resin (290 euro), or in the version with black rose on brass base and zama.

Always resin are designed roses that complement bracelets crystal. Prada offers models with pink central ivory (490 EUR) and double circle of crystals, or variants with single circle and roses even in bright pink (380 euro). More showy bracelets with three crystals file and Central colored stone (570 euro), while if you prefer less demanding models, Prada has thought much interesting news.

We speak mainly of bracelets plexiglass rigid with resin stones applied and logo lettering colored metal. Find them with black base and pink stones or black or dark blue, and in the versions with the base color of tortoise shell and rectangular stones in contrasting colors. The price is 390 euro.

Take a look at the new jewelry collection autumn winter 2012-2013 Prada in our photo gallery, you have already chosen your favorite model?