Pregnancy Bras to the Wedding Dress

If you find the wedding dress it is not easy task, to choose the most flattering lingerie no less difficult. Revealing the keys to hit with the bridal bras .

Underwear may not see, but its effects on our silhouette are very important. Not only on the physical level, making that certain garments feel much better, but also at the psychic level, as when we feel at ease with ourselves, it increases our security, our confidence, and above all, awakens us that more sensual side.

However, despite knowing the importance of the lingerie, there are studies that show that 70% of women don’t use the right bra size big mistake! To finally find the right model, it is important to put into practice the rules to find the perfect bra size.

On the day of your wedding, choosing the perfect bridal lingerie is almost equally important to find the wedding dress perfect. In the market there is a great variety of shapes, designs, styles, color… designed for every type of woman. The model chosen not only must be in keeping with the dress, should also adapt to your curves and make you feel comfortable, secure and very sexy.

But in the meantime model how to give the perfect type of bridal lingerie? Roser Samón, designer of Promise, reveals some clues to be considered to ascertain with the bridal lingerie.

According to neckline:

Every cleavage a certain model of bra is doing well. It should never be the tie rod and avoid the lingerie is marked. If your wedding dress is strapless neckline , proper bra bandeau, with or without filling, with push-up-effect is, how important is it to relace the chest.

A problem that the bride should be avoided at all costs, is the bra to limit his ability to move. The perfect bra should be able to dance without having to be holding a bra at all hours. If the Brazilian model is not comfortable, I could resort to rigid corset. A good choice for sophisticated brides, that enhances the chest and helps define waist.

And if my wedding dress has a high neckline in the back?, the model recommendable lencero is low-waisted bra that will prevent bra Strip overreach above dress.

According to the forms:

lenceria-novia-women’secretWhat kind of bikini bottom is recommended? The type of dress is that the determined a model or another. A corset if the wedding dress does not conform to the body, can be however, if layout is narrow, the ideal is to use one panties, Thong or culotte but seamless.

What should I do with my tummy? Ally remodeladotas shaper garments, such as girdles that will help you Stylize your figure.

For the wedding dresses cut Empire, greater flexibility when choosing lingerie. The area of the chest is having more prominence as well that the ideal is to use a model lencero that leverage and enhance the chest always taking care of the subject of the shoulder straps. In this case, a model with lace or a body can be excellent candidates.

Question of size:

If day to day is to wear the right bra size, on the day of your wedding, use a less or one more can ruin the natural shape of the chest and therefore the dress.


One of the rules of the lingerie is that you must never making, and less on the wedding day. Why you should opt for el white or nude, two more discrete colors in the palette.

The time of the League:

The League is a classic in a wedding. Although traditionally this female garment was launched to the unmarried of the ceremony and the lucky pick it up it would be the next to pass by the altar, currently, the meaning of the League has evolved to giving the factor luck who receives it.