Prenatal Family Allowance

The low birth rate, in some countries of the world, begins to be a relevant problem. More and more developed countries have fewer babies, which is a problem for their (social security) pension systems.

Prenatal Family Allowance

This is one of the reasons why the prenatal family allowance was introduced, thus seeking an additional incentive to the birth rate.

Of course that was not the only reason, since it was also a way to help the neediest families to have more support during the pregnancy.

Prenatal family allowance is an allowance given to a family expecting a new baby. Then we will explain how it works and who is entitled to this payment.

Prenatal family allowance in Portugal

In Portugal, the prenatal family allowance is a support that is paid every month to the expectant mother, from the 13th week until birth. The amount of support will depend on the household’s annual income, there being 4 levels.

The first, for income up to € 2934.54, the second, for incomes between € 2934.55 and € 5869.08, the third, for income between € 5869.09 and € 8803.62, and the fourth, for higher incomes to € 8803.62. The families in the fourth step do not receive any value.

The lower the rank, the higher the amount received. Thus, for a pregnancy of a baby, the amount goes from 140.76 €, for the 1st step, to 92.29 €, for the 3rd step. The values ​​increase depending on whether the pregnancy is of twins, or the family is single-parent.

Prenatal family allowance in Brazil

In Brazil, there is no prenatal family allowance. However, the Stork Network was launched in 2011, whose function is to ensure that all pregnant women in Brazil have access to quality care in the Brazilian health system (SUS – Sistema Único de Saúde).

This program ensures that any pregnant woman is duly followed from the time the pregnancy is confirmed until the baby reaches two years of age.

In Brazil there is a maternity wage, which is a figure paid by the Brazilian social security system to pregnant women who have to stop their work. This is the equivalent of the maternity allowance in Portugal. However, there is no specific support for households expecting a baby.