Present Tips on Anita

Er guys … they’re off! It has begun the countdown to Christmas and this week our palpitecos of gifts will be further intensified, after all, all good leave for last minute tripped upon Brazilian and we are here to give a “help” for you! And today, for the happiness of the male audience, we will also present tips for them, to keep morality, let’s start our post more suggestions to please women, therefore: ladies first!

The shops are with so many news for this end of year, overflowing with options for tastes, pockets and different styles, we make a point to show here on the blog all of cool we found around various corners of the city. So today, to sharpen further the desire of our readers crazy for shoes, bags and all that a duty is entitled consumerist, we brought to you direct gifts tips from Anita. Geez Geez crazy crazy … we have already made our choices for Christmas, new year, holidays, carnival… we want it all and then some! You saw how easy to please a woman? We are happy with any gesture of affection.