Pro-Ject Hear It One in the Test

Pro-Ject turntable manufacturer ventures into the headphone segment. We have tested the HiFi receiver Pro-Ject hear it one.

Pro-Ject, already long known for versatile and price-powerful turntable and still not quite so long even for sophisticated electronics in the ultra compact box design, has now discovered the headphone market niche for itself. More: headphones for primarily mobile use with the matching name prefix “Hear It”. While it can play the closed “hear it one” thanks to adapter supplied to 6.35 mm jack to a stereo system, feels low impedance and rather short geratenem textile cable on the small mobile device but with very good efficiency, more comfortable.

Pro-Ject hear it one: listening test

The vote also adapts to this purpose: with a pronounced emphasis in the bass to the keynote range ensures even with narrow breasts players the necessary foundation.

To the centers, however, reduces something to quell any suspicion of discoloration in the bud. So, the Pro-Ject ensures a full-bodied, well-tempered for almost every music characteristics with local accents in the heights. Coarse dynamic he plays very well, but the precision is dynamic and ESS. The figure is upward and covered.

Laboratory: The highly visible expression of Middle Bass to the basic tone confirmed the more full-bodied character; otherwise relatively balanced. Increased impedance at 34,3O THD to 4 kHz.. Efficiency agents 104dB.

The Pro-Ject is reflected in things look a bit covered. Classic black, classic shape: The hear it one wants to not be covered at all costs. Red Pro-Ject triangle must meet as a unique selling point.

Comfort, the Pro-Ject plays his good seat, the stepless adjustment of the size and still acceptable with 186 grams weight. The leather-covered ear pads also contribute to the high comfort at the head.