Profile Of Road Wheels: Yes Or No?

We want some new road wheels because our thought that they are already old or depreciated.

Or, on the contrary, we see that we do not pay as well as do our colleagues with different profiles. A usual doubt that should solve ladies market. But the first thing, is worth reflecting on what we really want to find.

Pros And Cons Of The Profile Of Road Wheels

Good profile wheels have their pros, which are many, and their cons, which are few others. Speak of pros in the battle that won him the wind and the resistance of the block that we are we with our body and our bike. We are all in a one against the wind that is the resistance. Do not forget that.

What Type Of Road Wheel Profiles Exist?

Here polyhobbies comes up with some more data for you to clarify:

High Profile Wheels

A high profile would overcome the 40-50 mm.

Medium Profile Wheels

a half wheel profile would be between the 30 and 40 mm.

Low Profile Wheels

One of the wheels of low because under the 30 mm profile.

No doubt is that profile our expenditure of energy and Watt is far less than good wheels to some (and high, at least 30-35 per hour) speed in the same situation with the low-profile.


Because simply the inertia that they pick up thanks to its structure is much higher than the normal wheels. This allows whereas before it was a real torture to maintain a certain speed, now with the profile high to be constant comes out cheaper.

For Price, It Compensates For Buy Profile Wheels?

Oops, but here the word ‘cheap’ has appeared. Yes? Is it cheaper? Here is where you can find some of the cons.

For starters, a good high profile wheels mean a major outlay. Add a couple of zeros to any number that you can think of and start to shake.

That’s why you have to be very clear if those wheels them are going to take advantage of.

Think: If you live in a mountain area, if the roads that accompany you every day are meandering, bacheadas or uncomfortable, forget the higher profiles and reduce them.

It is very clear. How much more profile wheel, maneuverability is complicated, the control of the bicycle It can be more difficult – always depending on the speed-, weight increases because the wheels are somewhat heavier, ‘comfort’ on your bike is not the same,the overall stiffness is palpable… Now, if you live in an area of plains, with winds but fast sections, where the raw speed, a high profile is your thing. It’s like a Formula 1.

Then Profile Wheels High Or Low?

So understand it: If you go to Andorra to make the March cicloturista the cigarillo, with those six pure Pyrenees, mountain passes or you can think to fit high because you’re ready. Drag all of that weight will kill. You have to get it from rotating and turning. It would be like trying to climb one of those ports with sandbags on the feet.

Thus, the decision of high profile wheels or low only has an answer: depends on each person and their circumstances.

With this on the table, you have to make the decision to you, but you also add one final thought.

Need Both Profile?

And if you buy them and then want to join a March with much cumulative altitude? Do you suffer much? And if you opt for the bass and then your colleagues leave you wheel in a plain because going to peel them? Then, if you really want some profile on your bike, what do?

Have You Ever Thought About A Medium Profile?

Look at them, it is a choice as any other. But one thing is clear: while some that may be a patch because you can see it as a ‘neither for you nor for me’, for what you are looking for may be the ideal.

Question of priorities.

We hope you have helped more in the choice of your wheels. Here we present you our catalogue: