Puerto Escondido Dress To

The Rio brand Dress To just launched the your new collection for the spring and summer of 2014/2015, is the Puerto Escondido. The news come inspired by the tropical climate, in addition to bringing all those wonderful feelings of a summer trip, the beach, the Sun, the good companies, and so on. See details of this collection:
As has been said, the inspiration for the new collection of wedding dress To mark was the tropical climate, Puerto Escondido comes with a cheerful color chart, with shades of yellow, blue, green, coral, pink, white, red, among others. All these colors give even more life to pieces with tribal prints, porcelain and also, who could not miss. Among so many vibrant tones, black also marks your place, appearing mainly as a background in some prints.
For pictures of the launch editorial, the location couldn’t be better – Mexico. The touch of craftsmanship, the surf and the comfort of Anna’s climate give more charm to the collection. Although the pieces have something sophisticated, like MIDI skirts and pencil, there are also a lot of sportsmanship, so the collection has furadinhas regattas, Swimsuits (they saw there used bodys, pants or skirts) and also the pants with a footprint well took off, more soltinhas.
The more feminine and dainty the collection brings the as cropped tops paired with high-waisted skirts and evasê, as well cutting rounds. As well as the combination of top neckline top with cropped strips used with high evasê MIDI-length skirt, the highest desire of fashionistas for the summer. The latter combination is even more modern and powerful with the China pattern in shades of yellow and blue.
Those who do not give up the comfort can’t help but check out the short shorts, knit shirts, furadinhas pantolanas pants with slits, fresh and stylish, as well as the ethnic print t-shirts in shades of pink, coral, blue, white and other colors. A highlight of the collection is also the mix of prints, which gives even more free parts. Flowers mingle with China and ethnic traits. Stripes marry tropical prints and so on.
Overall, it’s a piece that also has been gaining more admirers, appears in the collection Puerto Escondido on strapless version in discrete tones with white, Navy and yellow, also in print that mimics the Portuguese porcelain. A great choice for looks charming and hipsters.