Pupa Kit Nail Care

The color trend and Nail Art is always the protagonist and evolving, but for a flawless look nail is essential nail care from the base.

Before applying a color or create a Nail Art it is important that our nails have a healthy appearance and are groomed daily.

Pupa has a line of specific treatments for the care and beauty of the nails in limited edition.

The ultra strengthening treatment is a specific kit for thin and brittle nails that promises to get nourished nails and reinforced with two products:
– Oil nutritious trifasico;
– ultra strengthening Base.

L ‘nutritious three-phase oil is designed to nourish and moisturize nails and cuticles. This product contains almond oil with emollient and soothing, antioxidant Vitamin E and Bamboo extract to re-mineralizing and strengthening action. It ‘a product hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

The applicator is flat and large with 440 bristles from the round edge, great for applying the product on the cuticle and over the nail. The “three-step” are visually separated and are distinguished by three different colors, orange, red and pink-fuchsia. Shaking the flask combine these, but simply leave the stationary product for a bit ‘of minutes and the phases separated will return because each has a different specific weight.

The ultra reinforcing Pupa base protects the nail making it durable, stronger and less prone to breakage, according to healthknowing. Treatment Ultra Reinforcing Pupa is enriched with silicon to hardening and strengthening action and Wheat Proteins with moisturizing and nourishing properties. The applicator has rounded bristles anti drop and enables an optimal release of the base.


How to proceed? The first product to be applied is the ‘nutrient trifasico oil. Must shake well to mix the three phases, then with the brush pick up a small amount of oil and apply it on clean nails and cuticles, finally with circular movements massage until completely absorbed. Subsequently to be applied the second product or the ultra reinforcing basis, which can be applied alone or as a base before the enamel.

The price suggested street is 11,90 euro and you can buy the kit in perfumery or in stores that sell Pupa.


I tested the treatment Ultra Reinforcing Pupa after a reconstruction. What do I think? We begin to say that the pack is very convenient and practical, the cardboard box allows to carry the two products with ease.

The ‘three-phase oil has a great scent of almonds that remains after rinsing your hands. The big brush with a rounded tip and I find it really convenient for applying the product.

As it regards its use recommend to use it after the manicure, dry or in water that it is, and let it act for a few minutes, so as to be in part be absorbed by the skin.

The reinforcing base is presented with the classic narrow and thin brush in a size of 5 ml. Reading the ‘INCI, I noticed to my surprise that does not contain formaldehyde; a harmful ingredient that we often find in nail hardeners . Precisely because the product does not have one, the base can be used daily for the care of nails without the need to remove it every day. The drying is rapid, and this base increases the tightness of the colored enamel.

Luckily for me I have very strong nails and resistant and generally I do not need special care products, but following the breakup of a fingernail and its inevitable reconstruction, I decided to test this kit as a post gel removal treatment. After two weeks of use my nails have heard of the benefits. It ‘a product that has helped me to restore the natural balance of the nail after the reconstruction, and now all my nails are resistant again.


In addition to ultra strengthening treatment, Pupa proposes other specific kit. Also in limited edition we are:

– Treatment polished nails, nails for checker;
– anti-yellow bleaching treatment, for yellowed and stained nails;
– active growth treatment, for short, weak nails;
– Multi nail care 7 in 1, multi-function base for all types of nails.

What do you think of these new Nail Care Kit Pupa? You have already tested? Let me know your opinion in the comments!